knit.where outfit #9

Storm clouds + rain rain rain = tea cups, knitting & warm shawls. The little guy and I have been cooped up inside all day today. It's a good thing that we enjoy each other's company :) We spent the day camping out indoors, complete with tent, sleeping bags & s'mores. I managed to get some knitting done while sitting in front of the "campfire". He went fishing and foraging for food. I think there was a bear attack, too. And strawberry shortcake ice cream bars were mysteriously found under a log. How I love camping!

textured shawl, gap teacup shirt, american eagle jeans, lotta from stockholm clogs


  1. I love that shirt! The ensemble looks great and it sounds like you had a funner day than me. I locked myself out of my apartment with my poochie inside, ran into my nemesis, and had the DH track grease on the kitchen floor as he cleaned his bike. Oh I need carbs...

    1. You poor thing! I highly recommend s'mores for turning a bad day around.

  2. Indoor camping is definitely the best kind of camping. I had my two biggest outside in a tent made of sheets and deck chairs before 7 am. It has been a fun but very long day.

    I love the pop of your shirt with the gray shawl. Lovely.

  3. I love your shirt too, what a great color! Matches your shawl perfectly!

  4. now, that's my kind of camping!!!! (love the camp-look, too!)

  5. How fun is that!!! Little minds are so clever.

  6. The perfect outfit for a day of adventure. Lucky boy, lucky mom. Sounds like you both had fun.


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