a sweater I didn't knit

A very long time ago, after finishing my first hand knitted sweater, I declared that I would never again purchase a sweater in a store. Although that statement proved false, being a knitter has made me highly selective in what sweaters (and mittens, scarves, cowls and hats) I buy. Certain members of my family are given to rolling their eyes whenever they see me refuse to buy a knitted item in a store, all the while proclaiming to them that "I could easily make that!" The poor dears are still waiting for me to knit those items. But very rarely, I come across a ready made sweater and immediately snatch it up. Wouldn't you agree that this one has a certain je ne sais quoi to it?

linen stitch scarf, target sweater

I have been enjoying all of the Me-Made-May posts popping up everywhere. So inspiring to see people wearing their handmade clothes. Also makes me wish that I knew how to sew. I have a sewing machine that I bought a few years ago but have been too lazy (and just a little bit intimidated) to learn how to use it. Might have to look into taking a Craftsy class. In the meantime, I will try to get back to posting my knit.where outfits on a more regular basis.



Wow, has it really been over two months since I last finished a project? Despite knitting nearly every day!?! But no matter. I am just so happy to be wearing my new Vasa and showing it off to you today.

Knitting this was loads of fun. I set out with the goal of using up some knit picks palette that have been in the stash for a good long while. Very proud of myself for showing some restraint and choosing just five different colors (2 shades of blue and brown plus a dark midnight heather to tie everything together). I also wanted to experiment a little bit with a simple color work pattern. The wavy stripes seemed appropriate and were easy & fun to knit.

Very happy with this one but my plans to use up stash kind of backfired when I ran out of the midnight heather. There was just no way I could go onto the knit picks website and order a single ball of yarn. So now I have quite a few more colors of palette in the stash. And more opportunities to play with color. Not such a bad thing, right?


May ♡

♡ Setting up a couple of raised garden beds in the backyard. One is for vegetables and the other will be for my herbs. This is our first attempt at raised-bed gardening so hoping that all goes well. The little guy is excited to have his own strawberry patch. That is if the bunnies don't get to it first.

♡ Enjoying all the pretty things that came home with me from Maryland Sheep and Wool. I can never resist cheerful Spring colors and handmade soaps & lotions.

The button selection at Jenny The Potter was dangerous. I could have easily spent my whole budget there.

The line of knitters buying yarn at Miss Babs was out the door but I managed to grab this gorgeous set in the Veronica colourway in order to make the Albers Cowl. This will be a great summertime beach knit.

♡ Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on two sweater projects. Vasa is finished except for weaving in the ends and blocking. And Siri is finally off the needles. Just have to decide on buttons. I might attempt to reinforce the button bands with grosgrain ribbon if I can find a good how-to on the internet and if my limited sewing skills are up to the task.

♡ Basking in the beautiful Spring sunshine. Perfect weather for picnics, real and pretend.


april on instagram

signs of spring: cherry blossoms & easter bunnies

knitting stuff: vasalong & retail therapy

April was kind of an odd month, full of contrasts. I was super busy with lots of things but the weeks seem to drag by so slowly. There was a bunch of knitting but not a lot to show for it. And only one blog post the entire month. But I did fall down the rabbit hole that is Instagram and am totally loving all of the visual inspiration and creativity to be found there.

So happy to bid April farewell and welcome in the month of May. The weather this weekend has been just perfect for attending Maryland Sheep and Wool. I will leave you with an Instagram picture of a couple of charmers I found hanging out there looking totally adorable. Can't wait to show you the goodies that came home with me this year!