knit.where outfit #11

Liesl cardigan, TwinkleShineKnits necklace, Target tank & shoes, Express jeans

I didn't think a knit.where outfit post was happening this week until I happily came across my Liesl cardigan while rearranging the closet (i.e. hiding some newly acquired yarn). It is knitted with Rowan All Seasons Cotton in a pretty rose color. Every time I wear this cardigan, I long to pair it with a cute floral sundress. And then wonder how there could be dozens and dozens of yarn skeins in my closet but not one sundress?!? I might have to knit one with some of that yarn ;)


  1. It's fun to dig up a handknit item and then plan an outfit around it! Hope you get your floral sundress to go with your pretty Liesl soon!

  2. Your Liesl looks great but what I really want to know is... What did you get in that bag??

  3. Go for it! I am sure you could knit a sundress that would be adorable. Love the shoes!! Very cute outfit.

  4. Cute Liesl! I've knit two cloud boleros (Liesl's predecessor). Its a fun knit! And even more fun to wear. I do usually wear mine with a sundress :) But your outfit looks fab too.


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