tartan lula hoop

This project was a definite case of saw it want it gotta knit it. It didn't matter that the yarn was super bulky and required size 19 needles (yikes!) to knit up. The knitting went pretty quickly despite having to take frequent breaks. The best part was getting to try out Crazy Sexy Wool. Yup, that's the actual name of the yarn, but I think it should be called Crazy Snuggly Wool. Gorgeous stuff, but I would hesitate to knit a sweater out of it due to the pilling factor. It is perfect for a cowl, hat or scarf though. Can't believe I went this long without a plaid knitted accessory in my life. Now I've got my eye on this one. Maybe in some pretty Spring colors?



In the event of an Alpacalypse:

Remain calm.

Do not try to be a hero. Resistance is futile.

Give them whatever they demand. Remember that the important thing is to survive to knit another day.

(This Public Service Announcement is brought to you by the Camp Out Mitts and Chunky Cowl patterns. Although both are super easy quick & fun knits, they certainly are not worth risking your life to defend. Just hand them over.)


wintry mix

We woke up to more snow yesterday. But I didn't begrudge Winter's slow lingering because I had a basketful of yarn and a shiny new project to play with.

Hope the start of your week was just as cozy!