FO: Gramps Slouch

I saw a version of this hat knitted up on the French Press Knits blog and immediately wanted to cast on. It has been a while since I knitted anything with cables so this pattern was a fun and quick way to get in some practice. The hat will be donated to a great cause. With a little bit of flattery, I convinced my husband to model for me. Excuse the dark pictures since they were taken in the man-cave which has zero natural light (bad for TV viewing and video game playing, so I am told). After a couple of dozen attempts consisting of goofy male model poses, I was finally able to capture a few decent pictures.

Doesn't he look thrilled to be wearing a hand knit? Hope this doesn't make him remember the socks that I had promised to knit him a while back and never got around to starting.

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FO: 1200 Second Scarf

This might possibly be the fastest thing that I had ever knitted. It merely took 1200 seconds to get from this:

Berroco Link

To this:

I saw a sample of this scarf at my LYS and was immediately taken with it. In fact, it took me less than 300 seconds to purchase the yarn and size 35 needles** to make it. The reason that the project goes so fast is that most of the work has already been done for you. The yarn is basically a long tube of stockinette fabric. The scarf pattern is printed on the ball band so there is no need to purchase a pattern. The hardest part of the project was choosing from among the amazing colors. I will have to keep this pattern in mind during the last minute holiday knitting rush.

**size 35 needles + a precocious 6 year old boy with future aspirations of becoming a ninja = not a good situation. Keep those needles under lock and key!

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WIP Roundup

My knitting needles have been clicking busily away this week. And no wonder! How did I go from three WIP's to six in just two weeks?

Let's see, there is the Spoked Cardigan, which is progressing at a reasonable pace. I have the right front, right sleeve and half the back knitted up. I am still enchanted with the colors, but not so much with all those darn yarn ends to weave in. I have had to resort to spit splicing (ewww!). I love hearing the grossed out reaction from the little guy whenever he sees me do this.

Next is a new cardigan that I am knitting as part of the fall KAL sponsored by my LYS. It is called Vodka Gimlet and is designed by Thea Colman. So happy to be knitting this as I am a big fan of her blog, BabyCocktails. She has a fun laid-back style. Nestled in the picture is a pin cushion made by my twelve year old niece. She actually embroidered it freehand without a template. Love it!

pot of violets

And lastly, here are two new hexipuffs to add to the basket. This is the perfect project to work on after coming home from a long twelve hour shift. Mindless and fun.

There is one other project that I had started and finished this week which will have to wait until Friday.

In the meantime, I am going to take a break from the needles, make some tea and go check out the lovely blogs participating in WIP Wednesday with TAMI'S AMIS.


"...and I blame her and her and her..."

Yes, I caved in and bought The Pattern. You know the one. No? Well, here's a hint: what has six sides and has been spotted all over the knitting blogosphere and ravelry?

autumn trees

The reason for holding out as long as I did was my embarrassingly small sock yarn stash. I knit an average of one sock every two years. Not enough to make a quilt.

But what I do have is a basketful of Tahki Cotton Classic left over from the little guy's log cabin blanket just waiting to be turned into something useful. This project will definitely be a long and ongoing one. However, there is a fun sense of accomplishment after finishing a hexipuff and throwing it into the basket. Plus, embellishing them will be a great way to practice my embroidery and duplicate stitching skills. There are loads of cool charts available here.

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Slowing Down

Did you know that we are in the midst of a Slow Crafts Movement? I had not heard of the term until I came across this book** which showcases the art of hand sewing. I guess that the concept has been a subconscious part of my life ever since the knitting bug bit many years ago. The Slow Crafts Movement to me is a return to the traditional ways of doing things. It lets us connect with the past as well as preserve these traditions for future generations. With so many devices on the market, it is harder and harder to be unplugged nowadays. Even the act of reading a book has become technologized by Kindles, nooks and iPads. Sure, these devices offer fast and easy access to a world of information with just a few clicks. And I freely admit to being hooked on my Kindle and iPad. But I also miss the weight of a book in my hands, the sound of turning pages, the smell of paper. The act of involving the senses! That is why I love knitting. What modern gadget can replace the feel of yarn, be it rough or soft? The beautiful colors in every shade imaginable. The smell of wool. The sound of needles busily clicking away as a wondrous weight of fabric grows from them. My family often accuse me of being old-fashioned. Yeah, I am. It is my way of slowing down.

**If you are interested in unplugging your sewing machine and making classic, pretty projects by hand, then this book is definitely one to look into. There are lots of vintage inspired projects for the house, toys, bags, even an apron made out of button-down shirts. Each project is rated with a portability factor for those who want to sew on the go.



The August clean up month resulted in three finished objects and brought the number of WIP projects down to just three. A resounding success! As a reward and to celebrate the beginning of my favorite season, I casted on for a new fall sweater.

Spoked Cardigan

This pattern is a little bit of a departure from the sweaters that I have made so far. First of all, it is knitted sideways starting at the right front and working around the body to the left front. Very different from the top down construction that I am used to, but interesting to knit. Secondly, this sweater is all about COLOR! Because a sweater celebrating autumn should give Mother Nature a run for her money. What better yarn to do this than Noro Kureyon? I am completely under its spell. The colors are so bizarrely enchanting, as only Noro can be.

mouse gray, acid yellow and aubergine...welcome to the world of Noro!

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Today is a holiday that, in my opinion, rivals Christmas for its festivities, Thanksgiving for its expressions of gratefulness and New Years for its merrymaking. It even has costumes! Yup, I am talking about Back to School Day or BTSD for those in the know. After corralling the little guy onto the bus today, I danced a little jig then hurried back into my costume (pajamas). I whipped up a celebratory libation (coffee) and then took my place of honor on the couch and just reveled in the peace and quiet. The thought of long uninterrupted blocks of time to read and knit made me giddy. I even took frivolous pictures of wet leaves and shoes just because I could. And knowing that the little guy was safely tucked away in school being well cared for by wonderful teachers brought a warm, thankful feeling to my heart. Bless those teachers!

In crafty news, here are some packages to occupy my spare time. The first is from a contest that I had won hosted by Sillylittlelady. Her blog is chock full of beautiful projects and pictures. Also check out her cool designs on ravelry. I was so excited to receive these gorgeous skeins of handspun yarn. The little owl purse and buttons were totally unexpected treats.

The second package is the Daisychain ABC's kit from Alicia Paulson of Posie Gets Cozy. I can't wait to get started on this crewelwork alphabet sampler now that I have plenty of crafting time.  Hooray for BTSD!


FO: Vitamin D

This cardigan has to be at the top of my favorites for this year. I love all the little design details, such as the radial eyelet increases and the clever use of short rows to shape the front edges, which made for an interesting knitting experience. Not once did I get bored or was tempted to set the project aside. That is saying a lot, given my short attention span. The yarn is Picoboo by Frog Tree which is a cotton and bamboo blend. It is so soft and has great drape. Heidi's patterns are very well written and easy to follow. I have knitted three of her designs and have been thrilled with each one.

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