washi & such

Can't believe that another school year is coming to an end! Where does the time go? After next Tuesday, there will be lots of swimming, beachcombing and ice cream eating going on. Hopefully a couple of camping trips too. And summer knitting, of course. I've already gone through my stash and planned out some warm weather projects. However, right now my whole attention is centered around the first ever Shetland Trader MKAL:

clue one

clue two

So far so good and I am loving the combination of garter stitches and twisted stitches. The yarn is pretty dreamy to knit with. It's Jill Draper Makes Stuff Esopus in the leafy colorway. Also, did you notice my new creative catch-all/art journal?

I've had a ton of fun the last few weeks filling it with doodles, washi, photos, recipes and lists. It will also be a handy place to stick some of those yarn ball bands that have a way of piling up. It's quite exciting to come across a whole new-to-me crafty world outside of knitting. And one that is filled to the brim with cute stationary products! I am quickly amassing quite a stockpile of washi tape, stickers, markers and pens. Might have to move the hubby's clothes to the garage in order to make room for it all :)

So...are there any fun summer plans in store for you? I love having a blank slate for the next couple of months just waiting to be filled...or not. A lazy summer sounds pretty good right now, too.