I know, I know. November is more than halfway over which means that it is past time to start on the holiday gift knitting. There are also several selfish WIP's needing my attention. This is no time to get sidetracked! shouts the Voice of Reason.

I didn't listen. Somehow I found myself distracted by intarsia, rickrack ribbing and bright colors. The yarn is Sheep(ish) by Vickie Howell. I have a ton of it in my stash. What do you think...maybe I can turn this into a Christmas gift ;)

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finally, aidez

Can you hear my sigh of relief in finally finishing this sweater? Can't believe that I started knitting it back in February of 2012. The reasons why it took so long seem silly now:  1) A bad case of being intimidated by cables due to a lack of experience with knitting them 2) Seams 3) Lazy note taking 4) The weather 5) Seams

Guess what? 1) The cables and seaming ended up being super easy. 2) I absolutely adore the finished sweater. 3) It's a treasure of a (free) pattern. 4) Everyone should knit one.

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knit.where outfit #17

daybreak shawl, gap jacket and shoes, american eagle jeans

We all love the look of a beautiful shawl draped romantically around the shoulders, especially when paired with a gorgeous flowy dress. But the look is hard to pull off when you have a million errands and the grocery shopping to do. And when the weather is cold and blustery, thus possibly blowing that shawl right off of your body. Here's a neat little trick: take a couple of removable stitch markers or coiless safety pins and pin the ends together. Then drape the shawl a couple of times around your neck, kinda like an oversized cowl. Unfussy shawl wearing at its best with the added benefit of keeping your neck warm and protected.

no more halloween candy...time to move on to thanksgiving :)


hardly knitting

....but there sure has been a whole lotta seaming going on here! I am trying my darnedest to finish up Aidez now that November has arrived with its chillier temperatures. Perfect weather for bundling up in a warm cabled sweater. The little fabric pouch was a handmade gift from my niece. She loves to poke around in my knitting bag whenever she visits. Last week we spent an entire day together just chatting and knitting. Such a treat for me, especially now that she is in middle school and more often hanging out with her friends instead of her boring aunt. Anyways, she was pretty appalled at the cluttered mess of my knitting bag and promptly set about organizing it. The fabric pouch is now the designated place to put my stitch markers. Sweet girl.

There has been a little more progress on the Pine Bough cowl. Really enjoying this simple colorwork pattern. Nothing better than an undemanding project. Just knitting colors round and round and not having to worry about weaving in the long floats.

Leaving you with a last farewell to October picture. The little guy decided to be Michael Jackson again this year for Halloween. Here he is showing off his dance moves! 

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