knitting retreat

In order to jump start my somewhat lackluster knitting motivation this summer, I scheduled a two day personal retreat this past Friday and Saturday. The first day was spent at my secret spot, sitting next to the water & getting quite a bit of knitting done. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and thankfully not too hot. Here's what my Hekla looks like with one sleeve finished. The second sleeve is underway, but I am kind of worried about running out of yarn. Also having some doubts about this one...

massive sleeves + petite frame = not a pretty sight

On Saturday, I went on a solo trip into DC to do two things that would have caused my guys to scream with boredom:

1) visit the US Botanic Garden:

 2) and browse the shops in Old Town Alexandria:

Ummm, one shop in particular:

fibre space! (what's a knitting retreat without a yarn marketplace, right?)

It was my first but definitely not my last visit. Their yarn inventory was droolworthy. Lots and lots of gorgeous hand-dyed yarns such as The Plucky Knitter, Miss Babs, Hazel Knits, The Neighborhood Fiber Co., Sweet Georgia Yarns & Dragonfly Fibers just to name a few. They even stocked Brooklyn Tweed Loft and Shelter! I went a little overboard in the hand-dyed imports section:

Skein Yarns (Australia), Hedgehog Fibres (Ireland), Sweet Fiber Yarns (Canada), Freia (USA)

To be fair, my next visit will have to focus on domestic yarns. Then the following one after that will be for local yarns :) Next time I will also try to take some pictures of the shop's cute interiors. They have a wonderful cozy space for people to sit, chat & craft.

I feel quite recharged and inspired to frog finish some WIP's so that I can start playing with these new pretties.

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  1. Nice haul! It sounds like a lovely retreat - what a good idea.

  2. It is an unusual style, but I think you can pull it off. Fingers crossed on yardage! Love the retreat idea! Wish our condo in Florida wasn't 14 hours away! I would use it to retreat by myself.

  3. A knitting retreat for one. Love it! Such pretties you got too. What an amazing shop!
    I can't decide how I feel about the sleeve. I think it could work but if you don't like it maybe you could convert it into a vest? I love the striped body pieces.

  4. The retreat is definitely a great idea! I love the center of the sweater, but I'm having a hard time imagining the full impact of the sleeves. I agree with Chrisknits, though - I'm sure you'll be able to pull off the look! Your imported handdyed yarns look awesome!

  5. Sounds like such a great idea! I don't think you need to worry about how the Hekla will look, because its gonig to look great. Fingers crossed you dont run out of yarn!

  6. What a brilliant idea! I absolutely love your Hekla, definitely one to finish (if you have enough yarn).

  7. looks like you had a perfect day for your solo retreat and revitalization!!! and what a haul!!! I absolutely HATE the indecision point of a knit....is it worth continuing? should I frog now and move on? I've never seen anything that hasn't looked great on you...so I, too, think you can pull this off. (and isn't it hard to love a mid-winter-sweater when the temps are in the 90s???)


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