FO: Summer Crush


This chevron scarf/stole was the perfect project for the summer just past. Simple, portable and filled to the brim with color, it was my constant summer companion on frequent trips to the beach, on days so hot that all we could do was seek shelter indoors, on too brief family vacations. Now that Autumn is here, I am a little sad to have to say farewell. So the other day I went searching through my closet, looking for inspiration to turn my crush into something more serious...




...because who says that an over-the-top colorful accessory can't be just as versatile as a plain ol' neutral one? Not me!

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yarn & bicycles

One of my goals for this year is to get back in shape. Unfortunately, I am not one of those people (like my hubby) who love to exercise for its own sake. There are always other things that I rather be doing, like eating, reading, listening to music or knitting. But the other day, I had a moment of inspiration. Why not combine exercise with something enjoyable? It was a beautiful day so I decided to pack a lunch & a small crochet project and ride my bike to a little dock at the eastern end of the island.

It was so peaceful sitting next to the water and looking at the boats sailing back and forth. I didn't even mind the bike ride back. So weather permitting, I hope to make this an afternoon routine on my days off. And the crochet project?

It is a smaller version of the blooming flower cushion from Attic24. Instead of a pillow cushion, I ended up putting it here:

Having a bicycle decked out in yarn is just more motivation for me to exercise, right?

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Ever since I was little, I have secretly loved back to school time. Shopping for new clothes and shoes, picking out school supplies, anticipating seeing all of my friends again, anxiously worrying about new teachers. Yes, it makes me envious of the little guy a bit. I am sure he would trade places with me in a heartbeat, too. So to make us both feel better about the new school year, I have assigned myself some homework. I am a self-confessed secret hoarder. On the outside, my house might be clean and organized but danger lurks inside every drawer and closet. So at the top of the list is to reorganize the horror that is my kitchen cupboards in order to make room for some long awaited new kitchen gadgets.

 Second is to sort through and donate the little guy's outgrown clothes and toys.

Third is to finish some forgotten sweater projects if I can figure out where I left off. (Note to self: write self a note before burying a project deep down in the WIP basket).

Aidez cardigan and Spoked cardigan

Fourth is to start on some holiday and charity knitting. Love the Miranda Hat pattern by Evelyn from Project Stash so I plan on using up some stash acrylic yarn to knit a few for a local shelter. But first, those kitchen cupboards await....maybe after I knit a few more rows of my Summer Crush.... should really finish this one since summer is over now....

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