knitting in 3-D

This week, I am having fun experimenting with some cool techniques from this book:

When it comes to pushing the boundaries of knitting, I think that Lynne Barr is at the top of the list. Her designs are so creative and modern, yet she also has a gift for clearly explaining how to achieve the various techniques that are used so that the average knitter can join in on her adventures. You can read more about the book from this post by Kate Davies.

Here is where my experiments in 3-D knitting has taken me so far:

This project uses a new technique called CAPS which stands for Continuously Applied Pieces. In the author's own words, this is an easy way to knit complex three-dimensional shapes with one continuous strand of yarn. Cool, right? Any guesses as to what this project might be? I wish that there had been a way to apply CAPS to my Aranami Shawl, which is done save for weaving in a gazillion ends.

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knit.where outfit #6

grapevine pullover, old navy shorts, wooden sandals from Japan

We have been busy being lazy this long Memorial Day weekend. Just staying at home, eating good food, knitting a bit. The weather is lovely today, so a backyard picnic with roasted chicken and all the fixings are in the works. For today's knit.where outfit, I decided to pair a simple knitted top made out of hemp with some loud shorts. 'Cause nothing screams summer like a pair of Bermuda shorts :) I forgot how much I love this carefree go-with-everything top. Hemp is such a great material for spring/summer items. Have a happy start to your week!


knit.where outfit #5

goodale sweater, gap shirt & extremely wrinkled pants, privo shoes

I am trying to challenge myself with today's knit.where outfit by incorporating a handknit into my exercise routine. Had to dig deep into the sweater pile before coming up with Goodale, a lightweight & short-sleeved cardigan well-suited for a springtime bicycle ride. Love the fun pockets on this sweater...they are just perfect for hiding a little treat, which I am in need of. This past Friday was the little guy's field day at school and I had foolishly volunteered to help out. Six hours of running around after a bunch of devilish energetic seven year olds resulted in some strained muscles. Today has been the first day that I have woken up without groaning with pain. The dangers of being out of shape has caught up with me, as my unsympathetic hubby puts it.


happy mother's day

Woke up to a big seven year old bear hug today. Best present ever :) The little guy also made me the sweetest card and coaster. Really touched my heart because he is not one for sitting still and doing "boring art stuff". Wishing you a ♡ ♡ HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY ♡ ♡


vacation (all I ever wanted)

Guess what I had all to myself last week?

The best thing about living on a small island is that the water is never too far away. This is our local beach, a favorite summertime hangout, which is totally deserted at this time of year because the kiddies are all in school. So of course I had to take advantage of the temporary peace and quiet during my vacation.

It was lovely to sit on the sand with a fun knitting project and listen to the waves. Every once in a while I would take a break to dip my feet in the cold water. Bliss!

My Aranami shawl is coming along nicely. The pink, blue and orange tiers went by quickly, but then I had a temporary color block and was uncertain of what color to use next from my stash of knit picks palette. However, seeing this picture of it laid out on the sand gave me some interesting ideas!

I changed the colors around a little from the last post.

Here's what it looks like this week:

I decided to go with a tan color that brings to mind sand and beach and summer. This week has been cold and rainy, so knitting on this shawl is the closest I am coming to jet-skiing while wearing a pink tutu and tiara!

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maryland sheep & wool plus knit.where outfit #4

Maryland Sheep & Wool was fabulous, as usual! This year, I went with my eleven year old niece who took to fiber shopping with a vengeance. Boy, this girl's shopping stamina was amazing to behold! She insisted that we visit every.single.booth...some even twice...because, y'know, a smart shopper has to scope out the quality and price of the goods before committing. After a couple of hours, I was begging for a break. Luckily, there were some cute sheep to distract her for a few minutes.

Then I managed to catch my breath for five more minutes while the Shopping Demon watched an adorable dancing puppet show set to Celtic music.

Then it was back to work, with only an occasional break for ice cream or cotton candy. So please don't blame me for not sticking to the wish list. It was beyond my control ;)

Color was definitely the theme for this year's yarn haul. Although my original intent was to stick with neutrals, this idea was quickly shot down by my Personal Shopper as being too bor-ing!

dragonfly fibers traveller yarn, the bee folks handcream & lipbalm, lantern moon measuring tape

neighborhood fiber co. studio worsted & capital luxury lace yarns

I snuck in some basic wool roving when she wasn't looking. These will be for practicing on the spindle.

aker farms corriedale roving, peace fleece handpainted needles

Lastly, here is my knit.where outfit for today.

vodka gimlet cardigan, pajamas from Vietnam

My feet are in need of some rest, so I am just planning on sitting on the couch with some knitting & watching cooking shows all afternoon. Then getting take-out for dinner :)


Serendipity Shawl

I bought the yarn for this shawl just about one year ago at Maryland Sheep & Wool. An impulse buy with a capital "I", it was buried in the yarn stash for much too long until finally a pattern came along that fit it to a "T". I had a terrific time knitting this. Slipped stitch patterns continue to be one of my favorite types of knitting, especially when combined with a colorful variegated yarn such as this one. However, I wasn't quite sure how to style this since the shawl is so bright. A simple grey top and jeans seemed like the best way to go. I was also a little worried about the final shape & size of the shawl, but it turned out to be surprisingly versatile. My favorite way to wear it is draped bandana-style around the neck. The asymmetrical shape actually helps to keep the shawl in place.

(Head on over to FO Friday for many great project ideas for that impulse buy I know is in your stash!)