Vacation Plans

This week on my vacation, I plan to:


Starting with Downton Abbey season 2. It is hard not to devour it like a box of chocolates because it is SO good so far.


A history of the real American heiresses who invaded Britain during the Victorian and Edwardian periods. Such a fun and interesting read. I love the little black and white photographs that are scattered throughout the book.


Cooking with Italian Grandmothers

I have been eager to try some of the recipes from this book. If I can't be in Tuscany, at least I can eat the food.


Meet my new spindle. I am so excited to learn how to use it and begin my spinning journey. Right now, I am reading this wonderful book on the subject.


I am hoping to get a big chunk of knitting done on my two sweaters, if I can resist the urge to start on something new. We'll see. These little free kits from Mollie Makes magazine look tempting.

Before heading to NYC for a weekend of sightseeing and eating (and hopefully, yarn shopping!)


In Bloom

The cherry blossom trees in our backyard seem to have bloomed overnight. We are enjoying their transient beauty.

Despite my best efforts, the stash also seems to have bloomed as well. Oh the dangers of having temptation in the form of my LYS within a five minute drive from the house. Looking forward to coming up with a new design for this unusual felted yarn. I love the earthy browns and roses.

Couldn't resist picking up a few more balls of Zauberball, especially in the tropical fish colorway. Thoughts of summer knitting are already in the air.

But before that, there is the little matter of getting these two sweaters finished. Aidez has just a few more inches to go before the lower body is completed.

Nanook is also growing steadily along. I love how the sleeves are blossoming from the radial lifted increases of the back neck stitches.

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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

I am in the process of going through some of my old knits and deciding if they should be given away, frogged or (hopefully) entered into the wardrobe rotation. First up is Ingenue.

I remember my excitement upon first seeing this gorgeous retro sweater. So chic, so Audrey Hepburn, so "it had to be mine"! I even ordered the exact same yarn and color that was used in the original, which I hardly ever do. As with most impulsive knits, I did not pause to reflect on whether the resulting style would be flattering to my body type. Disappointingly, it is not. I am petite and this sweater seems to overwhelm my body, especially the sleeves and collar. The color is also not that flattering on me. Instead of the retro chic that I was going for, it makes me feel like a little kid playing dress up every time I try it on. This one will probably be given away since it is still a nice sweater, just not on me.

Are there any finished objects waiting in limbo in your closet?


Happy March

I am very happy to put February behind me and step forward into Spring. My energy level always seems so low in the winter months but as soon as March arrives, I can feel myself becoming recharged. Which might explain why I decided to start yet another sweater. Or it could be the irresistible pull of this gorgeous green yarn. Or maybe it is this beautiful cardigan pattern by one of my favorite designers that is calling me to cast on. Whatever the reason, I am enjoying knitting Nanook so far.

Quince & Co Lark

It is the perfect simple project to compliment the fun cables of Aidez.

Plus, I love having a project on the needles which reflects the season with its fresh spring color. This little crochet project is also making me very happy of late.

Blooming Flower cushion

Just a few more layers of petals left and then I get to start crocheting rounds and rounds of colors for the back.

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