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It goes without saying that an essential part of a toolbox is the toolbox itself. Having a variety of bags to meet different purposes is important and makes me feel more organized. I am always on the lookout for new containers to hold WIP's and the stash. On a recent trip to Target, I hit the jackpot with these sale items.

A striped picnic basket that does double duty as my new WIP basket. It is able to hold all seven (yikes!) projects with room to spare.

I love that these cross body bags are back in fashion because they allow the hands to be free for knitting on the go. 

And lastly, my personal favorite. It's The Chicken Bag! The same one that I have been longing for ever since I spotted it on one of my favorite fashion blogs. It is my new official bag for yarn shopping. Talk about roomy!


Summer Crush

Right now we are:

*Enjoying the cooler weather while it lasts. By cooler, I mean anything slightly below triple digits. What a blisteringly hot summer this has been!

*Surviving on hot dogs, chips and ice cream. With my (health nut) hubby away on a cross country motorcycle trip, the little guy and I are indulging in all of our favorite junk food meals. Cheesesteaks, cheeseburgers, chili dogs, french fries.... :)

*Taking evening trips to the beach. Love the quietness of this time of day.

*Loving the easy rhythm of knitting on my current summer crush. The pattern is a little gem that lets the vibrant tropical colors of Zauberball shine. Totally crushing on chevron stripes this summer!

*Looking forward to reconnecting with all of my favorite blogs and participating in WIP Wednesday once again. After a few years of not having cable, we made the decision to restart it. My concern about having to set t.v. limits for the little guy has been pushed aside. So far, he remains more interested in outdoor activities. I, on the other hand, have been totally binging on Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations, House Hunters, Bizarre Foods, Entertainment Tonight, etc etc. I draw the line at Jersey Shore, though.


The Poison and the Puff

Another summer, another case of poison ivy for the hubby and the little guy. So instead of going to the shore, we are spending a quiet Fourth of July at home. Which means that I can hopefully sneak in a bit of crafting time in between repeat applications of calamine lotion. My knitting has been sporadic at best since finishing the Color Affection shawl. Summertime laziness is mostly to blame. It has been so hot here that all I want to do is eat away at my stock supply of Strawberry Shortcake Icecream Bars and read. And dream about my current obsession, beach huts. I am on a campaign to convince the hubby to paint his tool shed a bright robin's egg blue and convert it into a beach hut. Never mind that the beach is a few miles away. So far, no luck. But I did end up with a beach hut inspired hexipuff.

beach huts

Thank goodness for an easy ongoing project that is well suited to summertime knitting. Here are a few more to add to the basket.

ombre stripes

heat wave

Happy Fourth of July to those who are celebrating. As always, check out the weekly WIP party going on at Tami's blog.