knit.where outfit #10 plus vacation knitting

As some of you might be aware, I have been trying to incorporate more handknits into my daily outfits. However, lately it has been too hot here in Maryland to comfortably post a knit.where outfit. So you can imagine how thrilled I was to receive this package from Greece today.

Inside was a gorgeous necklace handmade by Alexandra from the Etsy shop TwinkleShineKnits (coolest name ever!) and wool & cotton blog. The necklace is a lovely combination of colorful yarns & ribbons & shiny beads. I had so much fun coming up with different ways to wear it:

TwinkleShineKnits necklace, Gap shirt, AE jeans, Converse sneakers

As you can see, I am totally charmed by how easily this colorful necklace transforms a plain ol' t-shirt and jeans into a cute outfit. It will definitely be going in my suitcase for a few days of sun & fun at the ocean. Here is what I have planned for some vacation knitting:

This is the start of the Chance of Showers cardigan by one of my favorite designers, Heidi Kirrmaier. All proceeds from the pattern (to the end of September) will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross for flood relief in southern Alberta. I am using Hempathy in a bluish-gray color. It's a terrific yarn for knitting on the beach. Taking a little break from Hekla (one sleeve almost finished) because there is no way I can knit with anything wooly in this heat.

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  1. I love such versatile accessories, the colours are amazing. Oh and that blue in your Chance of Showers (and we could use some) is wonderful, reminds me of the beaches in Greece

  2. That's a really cool necklace/everything else it is!!

  3. What a great accessory! I love all the colours!
    What a great yarn choice for your chance of showers. I love that pattern (and I think that's a great cause, of course). I'm interested to see how you like knitting the hempathy. I love the way it looks knit up.

  4. Wow, those colours just sing! How lovely to have it to take on holiday, I hope you have a wonderful time.

  5. It looks amazing on you! So happy you like it and I love all the different ways you can wear it!

    Chance of Showers is very pretty and that blue yarn is lovely. Have a wonderful vacation with lots of knitting!

  6. that little sweater is definitely on my to-knit list, too! love the color you chose.....and the necklace matches!! (the necklace 'matches' everything!!! what a great wardrobe addition!)

  7. What a pretty necklace. It does add that pop of color to your outfit! And it seems pretty versatile too. I have just not been able to face my needles and yarn at all for the past several days. It is too hot. Enjoy your vacation!

  8. Great necklace! I agree, it is hard to incorporate hand made items in the summer. The best I can do is bring shawls to work in my bag for when the air conditioning gets overbearing.


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