a letter to february

Dear February,

You and I have just not gotten along. You started with a round of colds and ended with a week of flu. But despite the ill will, I am ready to set aside our differences because there were still little glimmers of comfort to be found. Having a constant supply of warming soups, stews, tea and hot chocolate wasn't so bad. And cuddling in bed underneath a mountain of blankets at night while watching episode after episode of Friday Night Lights was pretty fun. I even managed to find the energy to start a new comfy sweater. So even though you will never be a month that I look forward to, I bid you a fond adieu until next year. Spring is coming!

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Newsprint Cowl

I hope that everyone had an enjoyable Valentine's Day. This week has been pretty hectic with not much time for crafting. On Sunday, we celebrated Tet, which is the Vietnamese New Year. This year, it coincided with my youngest niece's birthday. I managed to finish her pink and grey cowl just in time.

This pattern was a fun knit and a great introduction to brioche. The cowl turned out to be really cozy and the bright pink color brings a little cheer to these cold winter days of February.

I am looking forward to my next project using the brioche knitting technique. Also really really looking forward to "borrowing" this other gift I bought for my niece :) Have a happy weekend!

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clutch knitting

Because it would be unthinkable to leave the house without some type of knitting to fill up those expected and unexpected moments of waiting, I always have a well-stocked knitting clutch on hand and ready to go. Here's a peek at what's inside:

all the tools necessary for some hexipuff knitting

Still in love with this easy and oh-so-portable project. Still getting odd looks from strangers wondering what in the world I am knitting. But that just adds to the fun! Some people have asked about how I eventually plan on laying out the puffs for my beekeeper's quilt. Maybe by color?

Or just random?

Not sure yet, but I am still a looooong ways off from having to decide! What portable project do you like to grab as you head out the door?

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