gone knitting

Howdy, folks! I wish that I could tell you that every item on my to-do list has been checked off during these past few weeks absence from the blog, but nope. Still a lot of spring cleaning, garden planning & home improvement projects to tackle. Not to mention getting a regular exercise routine started now that the weather has warmed up. But enough of the boring stuff, let's move on to the knitting! I have been fighting a bad case of too-many-projects-not-enough-time-itis. I am blaming it on this:

It's the second sleeve of the Siri cardigan. Nothing can propel me faster towards casting on a new project than having to knit a second sleeve. I was truly trying to be good and finish the darn thing, but boredom set in as it always does and I found myself scoping out patterns on Ravelry. You know exactly where this is heading, don't you? To make a long story short, I decided that I couldn't live another moment without owning a Uniform. In seafoam blue, slightly slouchy and oversize, with inset pockets and a yet to be determined neckband.

Okay, so two sweaters isn't so bad. But then I came across the vasalong that is happening on the Paper Tiger blog. I love the idea of a drapey knitted tee for spring/summer. Plus it's the perfect blank canvas for using up some leftover fingering weight stash and playing with colors. This project is going rather quickly and should be finished soon. After which, I can devote more time to the other two sweaters, right?

But no, there's more to this unfortunate tale. The irrational side of my knitter's brain also latched onto the notion that my wardrobe was sadly missing one essential piece of clothing:

an octopus sweater

So there you have it: four sweaters and counting. Because there is some quince & co. sparrow flying down from Maine for a KAL hosted by my knitting group which will be starting in May. Kind of ironic that this sweater madness started because of one unfinished sleeve and now I will have seven sleeves to knit up. Thank goodness Vasa is sleeveless!

I hope to catch up on all of your blogs in the next few days, in between the sweater knitting. Spring cleaning can wait ; )