Just Doodling

Shoes, ball gowns, butterflies, flowers, birds, rainbows, dream houses....these were the inspirations for many of my childhood doodles and sketches. I used to daydream my summers away with nothing but an old shoe box filled with colored pencils, a sketchpad and my imagination for company. Nowadays, pencils are for jotting down quick notes or to do lists. How I miss the carefree act of just doodling for hours on end. During a trip to the bookstore this week, I impulsively bought a sketchbook. Along with some pencils borrowed from my niece, I have rediscovered the fun of drawing. These are future quilt designs (never mind that I do not know how to quilt).

And why stick to just pencil and paper? This was a free kit from issue one of Mollie Makes magazine.

After filling the front with decorative running stitches, I decided that the back was a perfect spot for some more doodles.

At this point, nothing is safe from my doodling, not even the little guy's red kitty in progress.

flower tattoos

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Favorite Things: Matching Sets

Recently, I have encountered this magazine while reading several blogs based in the UK and was finally able to track down the first and second issues here in the US. It is filled with wonderfully inspiring ideas ranging from home decor to fabric and fiber crafts. I am especially drawn to the eclectic decorating articles. I envy the way some people can just throw mismatched things together and end up with gorgeous results. Is it an innate ability or something that can be learned? Over the years, I have tried to be more relaxed and less matchy matchy in my decorating style but it does not come naturally. However, one area where I embrace this matching tendency is in my knitting accessories. When things get a little chaotic around here, it is just comforting to pull out my matching sets and know that the knitting awaits and calm will be restored.

Notice how I managed to match my current cardigan in progress with the teal Namaste set?

And here is a spanking new set with its very own matching WIP, a toy cat designed by the fabulous Angela Tong for the latest issue of Petite Purls. It is a perfect little break from all that sweater knitting. Plus, the little guy has been waiting patiently for a hand knitted softie in his favorite color.

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Favorite Things: Duck Tape

In looking over the little guy's school projects from this past year, I couldn't help but notice a common theme: duck tape.

This utilitarian and multipurpose hardware staple has been a favorite of mine since elementary school. I remember my dream of fashioning a retro-looking dress out of it after watching Molly Ringwald come up with the Coolest Prom Dress Ever in the movie Pretty in Pink. Back then, the colors were limited to black, gray and white. Now there are endless colors, prints and patterns available with cool tutorials on making everything from flip flops to hats.

The following pictures show my oldest niece crafting a small project bag for her favorite knitting aunt.

Just perfect for a pair of socks in progress


365 Things to Make and Do: Felt Animals

I am so grateful to have found this book, especially after hearing "I'm bored" for the hundredth millionth time this summer. Granted, playing outside can lose its charms when the temperatures reach above the 90's. And having to come up with fun things to do indoors with three kids whose ages range from 5 to 12 is a challenge. So to keep my sanity, I pull out this book and some miscellaneous craft supplies and buy myself an hour or so of peace and quiet. Here, my two nieces are working on making some felt animals.

The book has very clear step by step instructions and wonderful pictures. It is great to watch the kids get involved in the process of making things.

And the results speak for themselves. Adorable, huh?

Mr. Cheese

Pudding II

best friends forever


Sunshine and Shade

Out in the sunshine, we are...

Being greeted in the morning to the sight of these little glories (and my favorite Oasis song going 'round in my head).

Watching out for the first grape tomatoes. Hopefully, maybe soon?

Continuing to enjoy these lovelies.

Seeking shelter in the shade, we are...

Enjoying some time together making things. So many fabulous projects in this book for all ages and interests.

Practicing and (re)learning how to crochet. Maneuvering a hook does not come as naturally as knitting with two needles, but having lots of fun anyways.

Waiting for the Yarn Shoppe to be opened for business and being thankful for the imagination of little ones. More room for the stash!

Vitamin D by Heidi Kirrmaier

Finding some quiet time to knit on this at the end of a busy day.

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