kissing the holidays

I hope that all of you who celebrated Thanksgiving last week had a wonderful one. It was a work heavy week for me (60 hours!) but I still managed to spend part of Thanksgiving Day with my two favorite guys. We had a quiet and cozy evening. Some of it was spent putting up the Christmas tree and decorating the house. Everything feels more festive when there's red and green everywhere. I asked the little guy what his favorite part of the holidays was. His answer made me chuckle: candy canes! What a simple and fun response, so I decided to make that our theme for this year. Keeping it simple, with lots of good food, sweet treats, handmade goodies and best of all, meaningful time spent with loved ones. Oh, and Christmas movies! Gotta have plenty of those.

Here's my holiday gift knitting list this year. Again, keeping it simple:

☃ Handmade ornaments for Grandma L. (my MIL) and hopefully for myself, too. I am currently knitting a few of these. Also planning on casting on for a couple of these adorable (and free!) holiday stockings.
☃ A hat each for my two guys. This has become a winter tradition. As is choosing a hat pattern from Mr. Stephen West. This year's pattern is Piece Out. Love the playful brim on this one.
☃ A couple of quick to knit cowls for my two nieces. I was at Target the other night and saw some simple ribbed ones made out of sparkly chunky yarn. Then I found some similar yarn at Michael's yesterday. Serendipity!

Hope that your holiday knitting is going well. I plan on just enjoying each project as it comes and not getting stressed out if everything is not finished by December 25th. My family know me well and have come to expect a few IOU's under the tree along with their candy canes


  1. What a lovely post! I like the Christmas decoration you're making. I agree with red and green too. I also want to knit some fun little decorations. The pattern you chose is really fun-yes, the brim!

  2. You seem to have found balance this year.....no stress, a plan, and a way to enjoy the journey! I'll think of you and your little guy every time I see a candy cane this season!!!

  3. Love the sweet simplicity of your plan.

  4. I am doing some cowls, but not as gifts, just something that will be given through the holidays. Each year I seem to add more to our season than before. I should have been doing all these things when my kids were little, but I guess that's the reason why we didn't do them, they were little! LOL Now I just have to keep the dogs out of decorations and presents.

  5. Okay. I like all your posts but for some reason I really enjoyed this one. In terms of holiday knitting, this post calmed me down whereas the Yarn Harlots holiday knitting post last week completely stressed me out ! lol. ~~ In any case the little sweaters and stockings are adorable and I look forward to making some one year. I love Mr. West. Only he could come up with such a savvy and sharp hat. I love that design. Continued happy knitting to You !!!

  6. The tiny sweaters are adorable, and you are wise to keep your list simple.


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