loose ends

I hope that everyone had a merry & bright Christmas. Keeping it simple kind of got thrown out the window last week despite my good intentions. Crazy busy was the new theme. That is what comes from having a big & boisterous extended family. But somehow everything came together in the end and it was a fun noisy day filled with lots of laughter, food & love. Not surprisingly, my gift knitting kind of fizzled out. That's why this week is being dedicated to tying up some loose ends. I managed to finish the hubby's Piece Out hat, but haven't started on the little guy's yet. The cowls for my nieces also didn't happen, but hopefully I can manage something handmade for their birthdays. My MIL absolutely loved her knitted ornaments. It was one of the highlights of my Christmas Day to see how happy they made her. So sweet. Here are some close-ups of the hubby's hat.

I found some vintage Ducati motorcycle pins on etsy to use as buttons. I think the hat looks pretty cute on him, but don't tell him I said so ;) Next up is my year-in-review post. I am so ready to ring in the New Year...bring on the cocktail meatballs, hot crab dip, cheese balls & sparkling grape juice! Have a fun & safe New Year's Eve


  1. Having a lovely blog catch up over the last few days, you have been working so hard and the projects are lovely, I imagine anybody would be thrilled to receive those beautiful ornaments!

  2. great hat! (Make that GREAT!) You always pick the best patterns....and I'm such a copycat. (I'm on the last 1/4 of the pine bough cowl---loving it. Not sure I ever would have found it if not for you! Thanks!!)

    Have a great New Year, Tien. What are we going to knit in the new year???

  3. Small details in hand knits always make me smile! Happy new year to you & yours! xxoo

  4. Love the pins!! Such a neat idea to compliment a neat hat. Hope you got your fill of food on New Year's Eve. Sounds a lot like ours!


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