knitter's armour

state street cowl, zara top, express jeans

When it comes to holiday shopping, I try to buy local as much as possible. So usually there is only one day during the Christmas season where a trip to the mall is necessary. Today was the dreaded day. But I went prepared this year, armouring myself in a warm wool cowl and...

...my knitting! It definitely came in handy when I found myself behind 13 other shoppers waiting in line to buy mall gift cards. I also felt a little smug when I whipped out my knitting in the toy store as other shoppers looked around in desperation for an escape route. We were all witnessing a multi-sibling meltdown which resulted in a serious traffic jam at the register. Note to self: next year, bring ear plugs, too.

Here's a closeup of the current take-along project. It's the Piece Out hat by Stephen West. Easy and fun so far. Also check out my latest obsession: madbird project bags. This one is a perfect size for small projects like hats, socks and mittens. I love the wristlet clutches and pattern wallets the most. They have such a cool range of fabrics. Couldn't resist the hedgehogs and toadstools. Who says armour can't be cute?


  1. here it is--2 am---i just got up for a quick glass of water, and you have me shopping…..love the bag (now I own one, too!)---I never leave home without the purse project…or two!!! Saved my sanity a bunch. Mall??!! What a brave person you are. (I thought myself particularly brave this year, too---I went Saturday morning when they opened at 9 and was the only one there. It was a dream. I'm not pressing my luck. I might go again in another 3 or 4 years!!!) Happy week, Tien!

  2. I am always looking for new project bags and that one is perfect! Great strap on it. Good call bringing your knitting with you, the mall at this time is terrifying.

  3. Very smart!! I have never thought to bring a small project for waiting in checkout lines. I usually pull something out if we're waiting for a table at a restaurant or driving. I also love your wristlets bag!

  4. You were definitely the most stylish and well-prepared mall shopper that day!! Somehow, whenever I whip out my knitting, I always feel better. BTW, you have beautiful lips! : )

    1. Thanks Evelyn! I'm too shy to post a lot of pictures of my face, LOL!

  5. The bag is super cute! I use headphones instead of earplugs :).

  6. Love the cowl! But could never wear something like that in our mall. They keep it at a balmy 90 degrees! Or maybe that's just me? Your smugness becomes you! LOL


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