hardly knitting

....but there sure has been a whole lotta seaming going on here! I am trying my darnedest to finish up Aidez now that November has arrived with its chillier temperatures. Perfect weather for bundling up in a warm cabled sweater. The little fabric pouch was a handmade gift from my niece. She loves to poke around in my knitting bag whenever she visits. Last week we spent an entire day together just chatting and knitting. Such a treat for me, especially now that she is in middle school and more often hanging out with her friends instead of her boring aunt. Anyways, she was pretty appalled at the cluttered mess of my knitting bag and promptly set about organizing it. The fabric pouch is now the designated place to put my stitch markers. Sweet girl.

There has been a little more progress on the Pine Bough cowl. Really enjoying this simple colorwork pattern. Nothing better than an undemanding project. Just knitting colors round and round and not having to worry about weaving in the long floats.

Leaving you with a last farewell to October picture. The little guy decided to be Michael Jackson again this year for Halloween. Here he is showing off his dance moves! 

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  1. That cowl will be gorgeous! And I have longed dreamt of Aidez, can't wait to see yours done.

  2. I have had dreams about Aidez also. It's lovely. I'm really, really luving the cowl and I feel at home with those colors because they remind me of home or I should say they are almost the colors of U of M (Go Blue!). It's coming along nicely.

  3. Clearly, you are not a boring aunt as your delightful niece spent a day chatting and knitting with YOU! What a sweet bag she made. I'm itching to cast on the Pine Bough ~ just have to find the right yarn in my stash as I really mustn't buy more yarn. But then again, I really want your colors!

  4. why is it that every darn thing you knit eventually ends up on my needles, too????? love pine bough!!!

  5. That cowl is a great, simple colorwork project. I'll have to try it! And how sweet of your niece to make you the pouch.


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