blogmas 2018 :: my everyday carry

I recently bought a wallet insert for my traveler’s notebook and I love it! It’s from ThreadNPrints on Etsy. Now I have everything that I need to help me stay organized at my fingertips: wallet, bullet journal, scratchpad, planner supplies and knitting notions pouch. All in one notebook the size of a passport (although much chubbier!). It feels great to finally settle into a personal planning system that works for me, especially during the busy holiday season.

I’m making a list and checking it twice....

How are you managing to stay organized around this busy time of year?


  1. I really need to follow your lead and get an organizer/planner. I love the look of your "chubby" one, as it looks like it is overflowing with all things magical.

  2. I really need to get organized. I like the idea of a craft journal. It's all categorized and contained by being so specific. Right now it's little slip lists everywhere. Old notebooks with lists from 5 years ago from this time of year, sigh. just a hot mess.

  3. You are good at that organization. I love seeing your traveler's notebook, seeing it all battered and used like that. I sort of fell off the wagon. I want to try maybe a small sketchbook as my current BuJo is big and I feel I have to fill up space. I want it big enough to do a bit of art to satisfy the artist in me but small enough to take care of business.


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