blogmas 2018 :: bright new knits

A couple of cozy projects to brighten these short days of winter. The yarn is from Must Stash Yarn in the Bumbles Bounce colorway. The pattern for the blanket is Northeasterly and it is so fun & easy. I can’t wait to start on the second column and see it grow. The kid and I are having a Friday night holiday movie marathon (hubby is on a work trip to Texas). Just watched Rudolph and Charlie Brown. Next up is my pick: Little Women. The kid will probably doze off after fifteen minutes whereby I can switch to Love Actually :) Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I love how you're movie marathoning with your kid. I love Little Women. I'm curious to see the modern version that was out in theaters in the fall I think. Love this colorway, so bright and festive. I would like to try that pattern one day but I'd like to get going the Cozy Memories first.
    Thank you for the mommy support for me and my daughter. Fingers crossed for Monday that he'll be the right specialist, although we're thinking of changing healthcare providers come the new year.

  2. Love that christmassy colourway, so festive!!


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