exploration station

Hello and welcome to a fresh new year! I hope that everyone is having a gentle start to 2018. We have been enjoying some quiet weeks being cozy inside in the midst of quite a cold and snowy (for Maryland) winter. It feels so good to hibernate a little with some good books and wooly projects. I have been putting off making any plans and goals for the new year but now that we are heading towards the end of January, I can feel the beginnings of the need to de-clutter and clean up some loose ends from the previous year. You know that it’s time to start re-organizing when a recently finished shawl goes missing and is finally located underneath a pile of mini-skeins waiting to be knitted into various blankets-on-the-go.

I had completely forgotten to post about my Exploration Station which was finished sometime in October. All the yarns used were from a failed attempt at the Find Your Fade Shawl. It is a testament to the utter gorgeousness of the Uncommon Thread’s Everyday Singles yarn that I didn’t mind knitting another shawl right after frogging a massive one.

I have waxed poetic before about my love of Stephen West and his designs but I must say that he reached another level of brilliance with this shawl pattern. I absolutely loved every minute spent knitting on this project and couldn’t be more thrilled with the finished shawl. It’s colorful and fun but also very wearable. I would highly recommend this shawl pattern for a Stephen West newbie. There will definitely be another one in my future.


  1. It is gorgeous! The colors play so well together!! I am sitting here looking at the clutter in my sewing/knitting room and thinking I need to get it organized. But then I just go back to my knitting or sewing, and then create more mess!!

  2. This is beautiful, Tien! You sure know how to pick colors. I love it.

  3. Oh wow, that shawl is stunning,t eh colours all go together so well! And smart of you to frog a knit that you weren't loving to knit something that you do love. Great yarn shouldn't be wasted.

  4. Beautiful finish! I keep looking at various of his patterns...I need to do one!

  5. It's a beautiful design, but your color choices are always spot on. Lovely work! I'm glad to hear it was such a joy to knit.


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