fringe and friends logalong

One of the highlights of my knitting year is participating in the Fringe and Friends KAL that is hosted by Karen Templer on her Fringe Association blog. The last three years have all been garment based but this year I was excited to see just a general technique as a prompt for the KAL: log cabins. Leaving the theme so wide opened to other crafts has been fun & inspiring. Check out the Instagram feed (#fringeandfriendslogalong) to see cool projects ranging from garments to accessories to housewares to lots of squishy blankets. The blankets in particular were tempting me but I already have five (yikes!) on the needles/hook at the moment therefore a smaller project seemed like a smarter plan. Since socks are my next favorite project to knit on, I was excited to try to improvise a pair using the log cabin technique. Everything started out fine and I was completely smitten with how lovely indie dyed yarns combined with log cabin knitting. But then the creative thought/planning process kinda froze up on me and I ended up staring at the above rectangle for weeks. The hubby thought I was crazy because I kept pulling it out and swearing at it. I finally forced myself to just try out a few ideas even if it meant a lot of ripping out. And eventually something clicked:

Eureka! I have a sock!


  1. Clever!! And pretty!

  2. This sock is SO cool! I love how you were able to use your pretty log cabin fabric. I hope you have a project page for it and noted down what you did.
    I like how you like Pillsbury too. Usually at Costco I buy the same stuff; we usually have favorites like Haagen-Das and organic vanilla bean ice cream sandwiches. Sometimes I'll try something new if I see it. Today I picked up Chinese pork buns (chau siu bau) and pork egg rolls. My girls will be happy.

  3. Great idea, and the fact you got your concept to work in the sock construction. Girl, instant hero status. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one that gives my knitting a sailor talking to every now and again, ha!


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