cozy december knits

yarn: opal hundertwassers werk colorway: winterbild

tiny socks (recipe here) yarn: gnomeacres holiday party #nofilter mini-skeins

pattern: mistletoe kisses yarn: turtle purl colorway: mistletoe kisses

tiny squares cozy memories blanket yarn: adelaide cottage advent

#lbkchristmasevecaston2017 yarn: a homespun house colorways: warm and toasty or cozy nights

I hope that you are all having a wonderful holiday season. Are you wrapping up the gift making/shopping? Or are you the last minute type? Just remember that it will all get done in the end and make time to enjoy yourselves. Things here have been pretty quiet. We are enjoying spending time at home and avoiding the holiday hustle and bustle. There has been lots of festive & cozy knitting going on as well. This weekend will be dedicated to some baking and lots of Christmas movie watching. Here’s wishing you all a bright and merry holiday!


  1. Aiya! I tried using the Bloglovin app last night and I'm able to comment but it doesn't show up on the blogs. How annoying.
    I LOVE your mistletoe sockie-socks! I will have to check out that pattern. And I COVET your newest pair. You have such awesome sock yarn choices. XO.

  2. Hello dear friend. Thank you so much for your recent visits. I really wanted to try a two fabric project bag. I'm itching to make more. I think I need to bulk up on zippers and interfacing. I believe C's group of friends liked their gifts as they were opened up right away at school that morning. She even wrapped my gifts that my husband and her and her sister got for me. Very even and neat.

  3. Your Christmas socks have me like ... SWOON! I just looked up the Opal and Turtlepurl. I'm thinking that maybe one day I'll do a Christmas sock yarn blanket with my Christmas sock yarn scraps.

    Beautiful work. I hope the holidays have been good to you and your family.

  4. look at all your wonderful socks, finished and in progress! Love these. Hope you had great holidays!

  5. I'm back to tell you my Opal yarn came. I am probably squirreling it away for later this year because I associate it with Christmas. It's beautiful, thank you for sharing!

  6. What wonderful knits. Seriously giving me sock envy.


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