I was surfing the blogs recently and came across attic24’s post on crafting for the seasons. The plan is to work on a small creative project each month inspired by the seasons. There are no particular rules or limits as far as the type of project goes. Even baking or cooking a seasonal dish would count. How fun is that! I am looking forward to participating in this seasonal craft-along, especially since my crafting and knitting are already hugely influenced by the seasons. It will also be a great way to slow down, pause and reflect on the beauty of the moment instead of always rushing forward in our busy lives. A lesson that I find myself forgetting lately. So for the month of November and to celebrate Thanksgiving Day, I decided to knit a pair of Harvest Socks. The colors remind me of pumpkins, fall leaves, acorns and autumn.

yarn: Opal fresh & juicy colorway: juicy carrot

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving for those who are celebrating tomorrow! And a lovely rest of November to all!


  1. and a very happy thanksgiving to you and your family, Tien!! (love the socks!!!!)

  2. I love the idea of crafting for the seasons, beyond just 'it's cold, time to knit some hats and mittens!' clever idea. I love your seasonal socks!

  3. I have found myself trying to match my knitting to the seasons more these days. My baking is usually like this anyhow to keep things seasonal, especially when using fruit or produce. Your socks are beautiful, love the photoshoot and the accompanying pumpkin :)

  4. LOVE your socks. This is the first time I've seen such a color scheme; it's perfect for Thanksgiving. What a great idea about crafting inspired by the month's holiday. My old thinking was to make it before that season but of course I never have my sh*t together.
    I loved reading how your son's costumes have been inspired by rock stars! What a cool kid you have. It'd be fun if Jellybean was a cat next year. Hopefully, maybe I'll be able to make her costume.
    Well, my unicorns and rainbows have turned into rain concerning that cardigan WIP. I'll try to blog about it soon.

  5. Wow! Love the colors in that yarn. Hope your Holiday was yummy.


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