Can you hear my huge sigh of frustration? There has been more frogging than knitting going on around here lately and it's making me mighty grumpy. You know that knitting has taken over your life when everything that goes wrong can be blamed on it. Forgot to update the kid's lunch account? (should have done a proper gauge swatch before casting on for these cute Fee-bee mitts) ... started dinner at the last minute and found out that a couple of essential ingredients were missing? (the lace cuff was looking too big and messy) ... forgot to pay the cable bill? (kept on knitting despite it all) ... the air-conditioner stopped working? (ended up admitting defeat & ripping out the entire project).

So this morning, I decided a do-over was in order. After putting the little guy on the bus and drinking a huge mug of coffee, I escaped to my secret knitting spot, enjoying the beautiful water views along the way (while ignoring the frogs croaking rip-it rip-it). The clouds cleared and the sun came out.

A couple of blissful hours of knitting on Morning Mist did wonders to lift my mood.

With a clearer head and calmer heart, I have decided to ditch the Fee-bee mitts for now and just play around with some pretty autumn colors from my stash. 

I hope that this week (and your knitting) has been kind to you!


  1. Oh, I know this feeling! Whenever something wrong goes in my knitting, I feel restless and can't think about anything else. It's just awful :) I love you secret knitting spot! Looks perfect!

  2. Good progress! Nothing like a project that seems to finally move quickly to lift up spirits. Mine is a summer cardigan I'm casting on at the end of summer, typical. But in a few days of knitting I'm already at the raglan shaping for the back, and I know the other pieces will be even quicker. Working with aran weight does help, too.

  3. and when something goes wrong with my knitting, I usually can't stop until I've at least fixed the mistake before putting it in time-out.....which sometimes means a very crispy dinner, or being late to a meeting, or not getting to bed until the wee hours of the morning! :) ahhhh. it's a tough life we knitters lead!!!

  4. You would think I would have learned by now to NOT put something down in the middle of a row - even if dinner is late or burning! HA! Because I come back to that row later and mess it up!

    Linda in VA

  5. Are you thrumming the mitts or stranding? Love the color in the yarn!

    1. I'm calling it "fake thrumming" to be fancy, but it's actually just stranded :)

  6. Oh man, I've been there lady, yes it makes me a little kooky (kookier the household would say) and I think the best thing is just to give it time out! Your knitting spots look divine and I love what you're doing with those autumn colors!

  7. Oh girl, that is a perfect spot for decompressing. Sorry the lace mitts went south and mommy duties were skewed in completion. Glad you had one reliable project that became your meditation. I like that pop of color on that neutral mitt.

  8. I feel your pain! But at least your knitting spot looks like a piece of heaven, despite evil frogs telling you to rip it! And what is that delicious last project with the fall colours? Certainly looks like something I want to cast on immediately.

  9. Ooh, your Morning Mist is beautiful! A couple of hours of knitting that goes well is amazing.
    And your special spot is so pretty!
    I am avoiding the outdoors this week as we are having highs in the 90s and smothering humidity!


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