happy hodgepodge

sweet basil, italian parsley, lavender, thyme


cherry tomatoes

Watching all the lovely things growing in the garden. 

Admiring my mom's latest Macgyvering magic: a flower pot grill. So cute and it works wonderfully.

Adding the final finishing touches to Siri.

Loving this beautiful Peerie Flooers kit that arrived today. The project bag is printed with hand drawn illustrations of some of Kate's loveliest sweater designs.


  1. Oooohh, jealous of your Flowers kit!!! But considering I don't wear hats, it's a lost cause for me. LOL

  2. Nice garden photos and I love the little flower pot grill. Hmmm... gives me ideas. Your Siri is gorgeous and I love the fair-isle kit. I'm waiting to see that as an FO.

  3. perfect buttons there....great sweater! Flower pot grill...what a concept!!! Great colors with that new kit...aren't her patterns the best???

  4. That's a nice little glimpse of your day. How cool to have your own lavender. I successfully grew it once and the smell was heavenly when I would water it in the evening. I've tried since, but my climate just doesnt seem right for it. And a flower pot grill!? That's cool.

  5. Swoon ... and double swoon. ; )

  6. How cool to grill in that flower pot. Very clever. I love the pics of your herb garden. The buttons in your cardigan are sweet. The fair isle kit is awesome.


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