lazy days of summer

As you can tell by the post title, we are in total summertime mode around these parts. There has been a string of gorgeous sunshiny days here lately, which we took full advantage of on our beach vacation. Lots of great food and even some new foodie adventures for the little guy while on our trip. He tried sashimi for the first time and really enjoyed it, which utterly thrilled my husband who is a Japanese cuisine enthusiast. Wish I thought to take a picture of the moment! In fact, we pretty much went unplugged the entire time. As for the beach knitting, the only thing I managed to finish was this:

I also started on a new cardigan, the lovely and popular Hitofude, using Quince & co. Sparrow. Really enjoying the cool & crisp feeling of the linen yarn in combination with the easy to memorize lace pattern. Planning on taking my time with this one.

Also taking my lazy time with the finishing bits on Uniform. Hoping to get the neckband knitted soon so I can wear it with this fun top. Is it sad that I require pretty buttons or a hula halter top to motivate me to finish my knits?

Lastly, here are a couple of new books that I am enjoying.

I want to knit pretty much everything in Sweater Girls. If, like me, you adore vintage and retro sweaters, then this book is a must-have. Lots of beautiful pictures and styling, too. I can tell already that Up, Down, All-Around is going to be my go-to stitch dictionary. In fact, I couldn't resist casting on a new project using this stitch pattern from the book:

Of course, there's no rush on this one, too. It is summertime after all ☼ ⛵ ☼


  1. Beautiful summertime crafting!

  2. Oh, I've had Hitofude on my 'list' since it was just a test knit---LOVE that thing!!! Sounds like vacation was perfect.....and one more hexi counts towards something! Up down all around----new to me book that looks as if it's one i might NEED??? Thanks for sharing---always inspiring to hop into this space!!! Enjoy these lazy days of summer! (not so lazy with a little guy around, though, huh?)

  3. What lovely projects you have on the needles here and a great variety. The cardigan yarn is pretty. I will be checking our your first book. Sashimi rocks although costly. When we done at a Japanese restaurant, I only have rolls.

  4. I love the Uniform cardi and the hula halter! The colors are great. So cute together. And thanks for the book recommendations. Have added both of them to my wishlist :)

  5. Very nice post and I luv the projects you're starting. I have the pattern and yarn for Hitofude but then chickened out starting it. Maybe this fall ? I will have to take a peek at Sweater Girls when I go on Ravelry. Luv the blue yarn. Sooo pretty.

  6. Love that lacey pattern on the new sweater. Must get back to my languishing cabled sweater. Too many other things taking precedence!

  7. What pretty knits! I especially love that raspberry color on your new cardigan.


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