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February: paintbox yarns, passion fair isle colorway

March: twizzler socks, West Yorkshire Spinners signature 4-ply, mojito 

Hi friends! Just wanted to check in with you all and give you a quick sock update before I head off to visit Vietnam for a couple of weeks. I am flying solo on this trip so there will be a lot of travel knitting and reading to look forward to (over 20 hours of flight time). I am horrible at dealing with jetlag. Any tips? I know that staying hydrated is a must. I will also try to eat according to my destination time. But sleep is always an issue for me on planes. I have tried noise-cancelling headphones, sleep masks, travel pillows and melatonin. Nothing seems to work and Benadryl makes me extremely groggy for a long time which defeats the purpose of taking it. My husband suggested fasting during my flight but I don’t think I can go that long without eating. So I will probably end up watching all the movies, knitting on my socks and pigging out :) Speaking of socks, April is looking like a fun knitting month full of socks. I will be participating in the Coffee & Craft Podcast’s Sock Sprint that Bernadette is hosting. It is a challenge to see how many pairs of socks we can finish in a month. The hard part is trying to figure out which yarns to bring with me.

I will be flying out on Sunday so wishing you a wonderful Easter if you observe it. Have a lovely start to April!


  1. Have an awesome trip, Tien! Saw your sock yarn and was like, "Ooh, look at that sock yarn."

  2. How wonderful! Enjoy your trip. I would suggest not pigging out, but do eat small amounts often. But definite on the hydrate. I also cannot sleep on planes. I need to be half or fully reclined to sleep. No way you can get that on a plane unless you are very high class. I am not very high class. Not even slightly high class. Wait, I am not even high class!! LOL

  3. Have the best time, Tien!!
    I wish I could offer some advice on the jet lag, but I am a terrible flyer, so none here.
    All the socks are making me super happy. Beautiful knitting as always,

  4. Have a wonderful trip! I am going to get away this weekend and I'm definitely going to bring some socks to knit. You finished work looks great!


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