snow day

Late season snow days are one of those rare treasures that come along once in a blue moon here in Maryland. So when presented with an unexpected day free of school or work, we can’t help but savor every minute. There’s a plate full of freshly baked molasses gingerbread cookies ready to eat with hot chocolate and a pot of beef stew simmering on the stove. I am indulging in a lazy day of knitting, reading and podcast listening. I dug out all of my blankets and worked on a bit of each because all too soon, the seasons will be changing. But for right now, watching the snow fall outside while layers of cozy wooly blankets cover my lap, Spring seems so far away. And that’s surprisingly okay.


  1. Your socks look so bright and happy against the snow! Thanks for sharing! Sierra

  2. Made me smile here, Tien. I love you so! Wish I lived closer to you.

  3. All the lovelies!!! Such an explosion of colors.

  4. Love the gorgeous, rich colours in your posts! Those socks look great, and I love your blanket in progress!

  5. Your hexipuffs are just gorgeous. I despair looking at them because mine look like...weird blobs. Can you please share how you got the edges so crisp and clean? Did you alter the pattern?

    1. Thank you! I just made sure to give a nice tug when knitting the first couple of stitches. No mods!


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