seasonal goals :: winter

One of my favorite things to do in January is to read about everyone's resolutions and goals for the year ahead. So many wonderful intentions and inspiring ideas. I love the feeling of having a blank journal just waiting to be filled up. This year, I have decided to set seasonal goals instead of year long ones. Hopefully, thinking in the short term will result in more success and most importantly, be more fun!

So here are my goals for the next couple of months:

❄ Be more adventurous in the kitchen and start cooking recipes from my large collection of cookbooks. At least two new recipes a week. Different variations of spaghetti does not count.
❄ Start a recipe journal or box. Write down the ones that are tried and true family favorites for future generations to gush over.
❄ Work on Vietnamese language skills at least 30 minutes a day in preparation for my upcoming visit in March.
❄ Finish the following WIP's: Pine bough cowl, Amanda cardigan, Kraken pullover, Spirograph headband the second.

I think that all of the above goals are realistic and achievable. One caveat: since there won't be any shiny new projects to show off for awhile, things might get a little boring around here. However, I am hoping that my diligence pays off and there will be more finished objects to show you in the next couple of months. Otherwise I might have to resort to posting bad photos of my weekly recipe attempts.


  1. Terrific goals that are yes, realistic.

  2. i like the idea of seasonal goals! (and I like the new header!!!) Do finish the pine bough cowl....you were my inspiration on that one, and it's really one of my favorites knits EVER. Especially in this frigid weather...I made mine out of kauni and it's super thick, super warm. (I want to sleep in it!)

  3. Yay for short-term goals! I like the idea of a recipe box, I had started collecting mine in a book but got lazy about it. I have a ton of cookbooks but it would be nice to have the ones I already know and love in one easy place.

  4. I'd say the bad photos might be entertaining! I knew you were working on pine bough when I saw your instagram!! I still need to do that one.

  5. Great idea to create goals for a couple of months. And awesome that you are going to Korea, do you have a specific reason for visiting?

    1. I am going to visit my parents in Vietnam. They decided to retire there full time and I really really miss them. Also looking forward to meeting my extended family (and eating lots of excellent food!)

  6. Nice idea to set up goals for a season, I might follow on that one :-). I'm still looking for the best way to keep recipes. I've tried all kinds of things, digital folders, an ordner, a book...I still don't have the ultimate solution, so maybe you will find it :-).

  7. These are great goals. I like when we set ourselves up for achieving instead of failure. And we don't need new and shiny things all the time to enjoy your blog!

  8. I love "different variations of spaghetti don't count" - good idea breaking it down, I'm going the same thing this year ... more like seasonal goals. I'm calling them philosophies ... not resolutions or plans or goals, LOL!


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