favorite fall sweater in my #projectsweaterchest

I think that the weather is finally cooperating with my fall sweater knitting plans because there was a decided nip in the air this morning. Finally an opportunity to throw on some of my wool sweaters! Here are a couple in the #projectsweaterchest that bring to mind spiced pumpkin lattes, apple pies and trick-or-treating.

The outrageous autumn leaf-like colors of Noro Kureyon...the slightly scratchy reassuring feeling of rustic wool against my skin...some of my very favorite wooden buttons...is it any wonder that I dream about my Spoked Cardigan in the dark cold days of winter? In fact, as soon as the fall weather arrives, this is the first sweater that I reach for.

This next sweater will always remind me of Halloween because the little guy used to call it my bat sweater everytime I wore it. I guess the gull-lace looks like little bats, especially in this darkish black/brown/blue colorway.

It's one of those annoying sweaters that is kind of hard to wear since one can easily be mistaken for wearing a baby garment. But I do enjoy looking at the many many FLS projects on Ravelry in order to get styling ideas. So far, I love seeing it worn over a pretty dress...definitely need more dresses in the wardrobe!

Do you have a favorite fall handknit? Or one that is difficult to style?


  1. I'm with you I think the FLS looks sharp with a little dress. However I think you look great in that Spoked sweater, very seasonal and fun in a warm way.

    I don't really have a Fall Sweater. I'm low in the garment department. I have Common Ground that has been hibernating for a bit, that I'm hoping to finish by the end of next month with everything else I seem to be fussing with on the needles. I do have Aidez that I wear actually. This was my first full sized human project. It's not the most flattering thing on me, but I do love it. :)

  2. i agree that the february lady sweater is a bit hard to style......I don't wear mine nearly as much as I probably could. Dresses are the best....although I've found that same problem with several of my handknits---- same dress with different sweaters , though, makes multiple outfits, n'est pas?

  3. What a super first photo. That was cute and creative. I love your colorful, Noro cardigan. It is lovely. My favorite fall knit is any beanie I can wear on a cold day.

  4. Wow I adore the leaves shaped into the heart with your pretty red clogs ! Why don't I think of clever things like that ? lol... In any case these sweaters of yours just keep getting better and better. I absolutely love Spoked cardi as I am partial to yoke cardigans and striping yarn. Just beautiful and it's so funny that you have posted the February Sweater because I am determined to make that one the beginning of 2015 but I haven't figured which yarn from my stash to use. In any case, I love a charcoal, gray or black knitted lace project. They are always beautiful. Love the name. The Bat Sweater.
    Great post and have a wonderful weekend !


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