cover knitting

A few weeks ago I was browsing the internet when I came across this knitted beanie on the American Eagle website. It had a cool destroyed effect that was similar to a hat that I had admired on the Wool and the Gang website. Instead of shelling out the money to buy either, I decided to try to recreate my own version, 'cause homemade apple pies taste a lot better than store bought ones. Plus, I already had plenty of apples to make one ;)


I think it came out pretty good, considering that it's just a simple 1x1 ribbed slouchy beanie decorated with controlled dropped stitches. But as with any good cover, the fun part is putting your own stamp on it:

and mend

I have been kinda obsessed with visible mending, as you can tell by my newly created Pinterest board on the subject. There is a whole lot of excellent information out there on the subject. For this particular hat, I used a combination of swiss darning, weaving and simple embroidery to make something that looks like a feather or flower or leaf? Not quite sure, but I like it.

excuse me while I contemplate my next cover knit


  1. I'd say you sauced it up with your apples!! I love your hat! It has just the right amount of slouch. And the detail stitchery looks awesome...very creative!

  2. That looks great! The most recent issue of Taproot magazine (called "Mend") was all about mending! They had an article about creative patches for clothes.

  3. I adore your creativity ~ you always bring your own style to your work and it's fantastic!

  4. I would say a leaf, but it's cool that it can be interpreted just about any way you want. Cute!!!

  5. I really love how you were able to recreate the thing you saw and made it your own. That's truly special in itself.

  6. what a fabulous idea, and I love your visible mending on the hat- it looks awesome!

  7. you are always such an inspiration!!! I, too, have been sort of obsessed with the visible mending....and slow stitching....and then branched out a bit and found Japanese boro. I LOVE THIS!!!!!


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