warped & unfocused

Sorry for yet another random disorganized post. That's just the kind of summer we're having lately.

I took my niece to Warped Tour recently and boy, was it a long exhausting day! Although I managed to sneak in some knitting, there was really no chance to sit and relax. And I definitely felt my age while standing in the midst of a bunch of screaming teenage girls going hysterical over this band full of cuties. Front row center with a sea of kids crowd surfing over me. But it was worth it when I saw the smiles of happiness on my niece's face.

Last week, the little guy and I went to the ocean to soak up the sun and play in the waves. The time went by much too fast and now we are going through a bit of beach withdrawal. The cure? Lots of ice cream, a Miyazaki film fest and many trips to the pool. And for me, a new toy:

The name says it all. I can pretty much zoom through a square in about 15 minutes. I am starting out with a simple coaster pattern from the Purl Bee, since mixing summery brights with neutrals is always fun no matter the craft.

The knitting basket is quite full at the moment. There hasn't been much motivation to finish anything this past month. I have been working on a little bit of this or that whenever the mood strikes. Need to buckle down and actually get some things off the needles in August. The last thing I want is to still be knitting with linen or cotton when the weather turns cooler. But also finding it difficult to stay focused lately. Do you have the same problem around this time of year?


  1. What a cool loom. I haven't seen that before. I like the leisure of summer. Blogging and knitting or crocheting have been my main focus besides trying to take the girls out for a bit to explore and enjoy our city.

  2. no way!!!!!! you did it again...where do you find all this cool stuff? looks like a potholder loom, but much better.....off to see if i really need one of these.

  3. I find it hard to cast on large objects, or work on those already in progress. Which attests to my sweater, shawl, and cable shawl all on the needles at home. This trip I just brought easy care yarns to make baby hats. Beach knitting and I are just getting acquainted. I never liked to knit with sand all around. Finding it not too bad on the pool deck.

  4. Wow, I love the Zoom Loom, that looks like such fun to do! Gotta love a quick project!


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