hello July

I can't believe how fast June went by. Kinda like those elusive lightning bugs that I used to try to catch when I was little. We have lots of fun things planned for July. Really looking forward to some upcoming music concerts and carnivals, plus a return trip to the ocean in a few weeks. And everyday, we are trying to fit in some making of one kind or another. Today, there was this dangerously delicious mug cake recipe. The little guy went wild with the sprinkles. Can't say that I blame him one bit because you can never have too many sprinkles (or vanilla bean ice cream or blueberries) on top of a mug cake. Yum! In the knitting basket, I have a new sweater in the works using that stitch pattern that I fell for in Up, Down, All-Around. I wish that I can bottle up this bright summery blue color. Utterly captivating, although hard to photograph. I also did a little bit of non-knitting lately. Isn't it funny how we knitters label all those other crafts? Or is it just me? But it was a nice little break to make something not out of yarn for a change. Now I am obsessed with these bamboo jewelry kits from Red Gate Stitchery. I am not much of a jewelry wearer but these are so sweet and unique looking.

What fun things are in the stars for you this month?


  1. summery stuff going on.....mug cake??? a new one that I MUST do with some little people and that sweater looks like the ocean!!! (lucky ducky---going back)....and you are so right, every once in a while we need to do some non-knitting kind of project (but NOT for long!) Have a great week, Tien!

  2. That is a creative, DIY jewelry idea. Yours is wonderful. The blue yarn is pretty. One can't help but imaging clear blue oceans with white sand beaches. What a fun dessert to make worth your son. Only a child would use that many sprinkles, LOL.

  3. I love the necklace! This month we get back to the ocean too! It's been too long. And of course I am on to other "non-knitting" crafts, in a BIG way. LOL

  4. Aw that cake with those sprinkles! Your necklace looks so pretty. Trying not to be tempted! We just got back from the ocean. Ahhh...nothing quite like summer is there?


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