May ♡

♡ Setting up a couple of raised garden beds in the backyard. One is for vegetables and the other will be for my herbs. This is our first attempt at raised-bed gardening so hoping that all goes well. The little guy is excited to have his own strawberry patch. That is if the bunnies don't get to it first.

♡ Enjoying all the pretty things that came home with me from Maryland Sheep and Wool. I can never resist cheerful Spring colors and handmade soaps & lotions.

The button selection at Jenny The Potter was dangerous. I could have easily spent my whole budget there.

The line of knitters buying yarn at Miss Babs was out the door but I managed to grab this gorgeous set in the Veronica colourway in order to make the Albers Cowl. This will be a great summertime beach knit.

♡ Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on two sweater projects. Vasa is finished except for weaving in the ends and blocking. And Siri is finally off the needles. Just have to decide on buttons. I might attempt to reinforce the button bands with grosgrain ribbon if I can find a good how-to on the internet and if my limited sewing skills are up to the task.

♡ Basking in the beautiful Spring sunshine. Perfect weather for picnics, real and pretend.


  1. Yay for gardens and finishing knits! Lovely set from Miss Babs, too.

  2. So jealous of your treasures. Jealous of the whole experience!! I need to move to the east coast. At first glance I thought the lotion was a fire extinguisher. LOL!

  3. You and I are obviously running on similar wavelengths. We just mapped out for two raised beds in out back yard. One for veggies and one for herbs : ) Also, I just placed an order with Miss Babs! I may have ordered *slightly* more yarn than you got. I love her colour sense.
    Yay for Spring!

  4. you absolutely find the BEST patterns….I love (LOVE) that Albers cowl and of course, I'm going to have to copycat you and make it. Wishing that I had one of those kits!!! (Md Sheep and Wool is on my bucket list….someday!!!!!)

  5. Beautiful things and beautiful pictures. I am so in love with your blanket. I agree with steph, very nice pattern choices. The Vasa would be perfect for a friend of mine. I sent the link to her, since she can knit too. hehe.

  6. You picked up fantastic booty at the fair. The buttons are darling. I have some Miss Babs that I need to use. Her line was long too st STITCHES. That blanket rocks! What an art piece.


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