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signs of spring: cherry blossoms & easter bunnies

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April was kind of an odd month, full of contrasts. I was super busy with lots of things but the weeks seem to drag by so slowly. There was a bunch of knitting but not a lot to show for it. And only one blog post the entire month. But I did fall down the rabbit hole that is Instagram and am totally loving all of the visual inspiration and creativity to be found there.

So happy to bid April farewell and welcome in the month of May. The weather this weekend has been just perfect for attending Maryland Sheep and Wool. I will leave you with an Instagram picture of a couple of charmers I found hanging out there looking totally adorable. Can't wait to show you the goodies that came home with me this year!


  1. Oh my goodness that is one of the most adorable creatures I have ever seen! I need enough space to keep some alpaca. I have an instagram account but haven't really got into it, sounds like I need another look.

  2. So jealous!! I will get to a MSW one of these years!!! Our local festivals just don't have the oomph yet. Can't wait to see the stash.

  3. I dream of going there and one day I will. Looking forward to seeing all that you purchased ! Happy May to You.

  4. How fun to go to Maryland Sheep and Wool! The pictures I saw looked incredible. I'm planning to come to Rhinebeck in October. I can't wait!

  5. Such sweet creatures! I have to confess I thought for a moment they were baby camels before I noticed they didn't have humps!

    Thanks so much for getting in touch about the Kaari sweater, I've answered you on Ravelry.


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