If only....

yarn could grow on trees.

my second handspun

UFO's could finish themselves.

my I vow to finish you someday Aidez as soon as I figure out where I left off cardigan

one front and two sleeves could magically appear overnight.

Kaari pullover: back and pockets done

yarn ends didn't exist.

Chance of Showers cardigan: still waiting for a dyebath

dinner could be on the table with just a twitch of the nose, leaving more hours free for the fun stuff.

Happily, some daydreams can come true ; ) You can find this betwitched recipe here.


  1. I would be the happiest woman alive if yarn grew on trees! You have some great projects there. That recipe looks yum, I've bookmarked it, thanks!

  2. funny...you dream the same kind of dreams I do!!! (having a big fancy -- expensive-- house? winning the lottery? nope. give me that yarn tree any old day!)

  3. If only... That's a great post and a wonderful thought. If only. LOL ! Thank You for the link to a great recipe also !

  4. Also. Those WIPs are gorgeous.

  5. I really want to come live in the world of your imagination! So much gorgeous knitting. Someone really should get to work on creating a yarn tree!

  6. I second everything you are dreaming of!

  7. Indeed, that is a world I would like to live in!

  8. Amen to all your dreams!! Can't wait to see the completed sweater.


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