...that is what I love best about this time of year. The possibility of learning new things, of having new experiences, starting new projects, meeting new friends.

Finally sitting down to take the beginning Craftsy spindle spinning class that I had purchased months ago. Extremely excited to start learning how to spin. I have been reading this informative book, but as with any new crafty venture, the learning is in the doing. Here is my first attempt so far:

I wish that I had videotaped the comedy of errors involved in spinning the leader yarn. Almost broke my spindle in the process. Now, though, it is pure fun! I am spinning a worsted weight yarn using the park and draft method.

My Chance of showers cardigan is on hold until more yarn arrives to complete it. Yup, I ran out of yarn again! Second project in a row for this to happen. Looking on the bright side, now I can start on a new fall sweater.

Simple pattern and bulky yarn should make Agnes a quick and easy knit. Plus I couldn't resist the pockets. The knitting on this one is going so fast! It took just two days to finish the body. Probably one more day for the sleeves. Knitting them two at a time. Can't wait to finally get something off the needles. It seems that this past month or so I have been knitting and knitting but not having anything to show for it.

Looking forward to this Sunday and attending my first "knit in the park" hosted by looped yarn works at DuPont Circle. I heard that looped carries Quince & co. yarns, so will have to indulge in some yarn retail therapy while I'm in the neighborhood. Since my LYS closed its doors a few months ago, there hasn't been many opportunities to meet people with a shared interest in fiber and knitting. So this event will be a fun chance to make some new friends!

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  1. Wow, I am so jealous you are learning how to spin! Can't wait to see your finished sweater too. You do such lovely work :D

  2. I have that same book, but I haven't attempted to learn much since we moved. I'll look up that class you mentioned, sounds perfect for me. Glad you are keeping busy while you wait for yarn--that IS some seriously fast knitting!

  3. I've always wanted to learn how to spin, just too scared of the stash monster growing in leaps and bounds! That was seriously quick work on the pullover. Lovely shade of grey too. I may just have to queue the pattern!

  4. love your agnes!!!! Have fun knitting (or drop spindling!!) in the park...sounds like almost as much fun as the yarn store retail therapy!! (I have plans to do a little of that tomorrow with a friend!!!)

  5. Yay, welcome to the world of spinning! I totally wish Craftsy had been around when I was trying to learn - instead I was just looking up drop spindle videos on YouTube! Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing your first skein of handspun yarn. Have fun!

  6. Anonymous9/12/2013

    I started spinning a couple of months ago with a drop spindle, now I have a wheel and am completely obsessed! Have fun!

  7. What a great first attempt! Waaaay better than mine was. :) Have fun!

  8. That sweater says COZY all over it! If I had less bulky to myself I would wear it! I am sure it will look adorable on you!

  9. I'm so excited that you're spinning! A warning though, like most fibery things it is wonderously addictive (it think it must be the fumes).


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