adventures in grey

First, the good news: I was finally able to track down a ball of the discontinued slate grey hempathy for my Chance of showers cardigan.

Now for the bad news:

Because of the different dye lots, the colors do not even come close to matching. What I have been knitting with is a pretty blue grey. The new ball is a muddy dull grey. Not very noticeable in the above picture, but it kind of looks like I spilled coffee on the collar. So now I am waiting for a shipment of fiber reactive dye to come in, along with soda ash fixer and textile detergent. Because according to the experts, I need all of these things to dye my grey sweater....grey. Oy.

Hope that your current projects are causing you less headaches than mine. Here is something that is making me happy, though.

I finished my first skein of handspun! It is extremely wonky but I love it! It is not going to stay in the skein for long, because I have plans for this one.  'Cause the whole point of making your own yarn is to knit something with it, right? 


  1. Good luck with the dyeing. I look forward to seeing what you make with your first handspun - something special, I hope!

  2. Good luck with the dyeing! I've had some similar mishaps with dye lots and have had good luck with ripping back a bit and alternating skeins every few rows to integrate the oddball dye lot. Whatever you choose to do, I hope it turns out well!

    Congrats on finishing your first skein of handspun, can't wait to see what you make with it!

  3. Grey is my favorite color, sorry you have to redye it! But great job on the handspun! Can't wait to see your finished projects :D

  4. Yay you for finishing your first handspun...and its looks pretty! Good luck with the dye job on the cardi. I feel all the effort will be worth it in the end.

  5. Oy. I feel your sweater headache all the way over here. It will be worth it though, it looks lovely. I love your first handspun! I can't wait to see what it's going to be!


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