knit.where outfit #3

Summer Crush shawl/scarf, Target shirt, Express jeans, ll bean boots

A bright and colorful scarf is the best antidote for a rainy Monday. Maryland Sheep & Wool is this weekend and according to the forecast, it is looking to be perfect sweater wearing weather. Yay! I am already making up a shopping wish list. No impulsive purchases this year....unless the fried twinkies get to me again!


  1. Love the pop of colour. We are having a gray day here too... with... snow (I can hardly bring myself to type it)

  2. I can't imagine a fried twinkie!! But then, I don't like unfired twinkies. LOL

  3. oh, definitely go for the twinkies!!!

  4. I've never had a fried twinkie, mars bar or anything of that sort. But then I don't like deep fried anything! At a festival I queue up for the cider and possibly a slice of pie. Hope you have fun at the festival! It would be great if you could share pictures afterwards.

    That shawl/scarf looks awesome. Totally the best way to beat the gloomy weather.

  5. Your bright scarf is the perfect accessory ~ how can you pass up a fried Twinkie??


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