Day Six: A Tool to Covet

What my treasured sets of Addi Click knitting needles mean to me:

♡ The ability to cast-on an almost limitless number of projects without having to
    -- endlessly search for the correct needles called for in a particular project
    -- cope with delayed gratification when said needles cannot be found
    -- clean up the resulting mess made from the fruitless frantic searching of said needles

♡ Being able to try on a top-down sweater without having to
    -- transfer a gazillion number of stitches to scrap yarn
    -- come up with excuses for not trying on the sweater

♡ Not having to deal with The Black Hole
   -- otherwise known as my needle storage bag

I have tried many sets of interchangeable needles in the past (knitpicks & hiyahiya among them) and the Addi Clicks are by far my favorites. Well worth the hefty price tag for their convenience and quality.

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  1. Oh, I so agree ... this was the birthday present I asked for last year, and it felt like such a splurge at the time but they have become the set I use exclusively now! And they make my knitting so much more enjoyable ... soooo worth it!

  2. I really do love my knit picks interchangeables, but now you have given me a serious case of the wants!

  3. I agree with nursenikki knits, I use knitpicks too and love them but addis are top of my crafting wish list

  4. I don't have a set of interchangeable needles but today I am seeing that I may just need one:)

  5. I have looked at those, but with a ton of Addi fixed needles, I just couldn't part with the money for the IN. I did go the Knitter's Pride route for the wood sets which I love. I am just glad everyone can get INs in their choice of materials!!


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