Day Seven: Looking Forward

Today's topic was a bit of a challenge to write about. I am essentially a lazy crafter who likes to set lofty goals but have no expectations of meeting them. Knit exclusively from the stash, learn something new with every new project, design a sweater pattern or two, crochet one project a month. Yup, all of these were past crafty resolutions that fell by the wayside. But that never stops me from looking forward to looking ahead. At the beginning of this year, I resolved to fill the blank slate of days with fun projects. So far, I am happy to report that this resolution is being met :)

I also recently bought a whole bunch of Lopi yarn and The Top Down Icelandic Sweater class on Craftsy. Looking forward to learning more about this iconic sweater style and yikes! steeks!

Also looking forward to exploring some unusual knitting concepts with the help of these two books.

It's past time to jumpstart my inner Monkey!

(To search for more blogs participating in today's topic, please type 4KCBWDAY7 into your search engine of choice. Thanks once again to Eskimimi for all her efforts in organizing this annual event. I have so thoroughly enjoyed reading about knitting & crochet from the many different perspectives out there)


  1. I think having fun with knitting is a great goal! And happily one that is easy to meet.

  2. Steeking is on my short list of Things to Get Over and Just Do for the next year as well!

  3. Ok, you steek first and then maybe it will give me the courage to try ; ) i look forward to hearing about your Craftsy class (I bought the spindle one the other day: yippee)
    I hope you can channel your inner monkey with success and that I can channel my inner peacock and learn to embroider! Wait, I'm still focussing on learning something new... I guess once a monkey always a monkey

  4. You always have such wonderful projects and designs going. I say it's worked for you so far, keep it up!

  5. I have an Icelandic knitting book, too, so I'm looking forward to seeing how your Lopi project works out!

  6. I so love your projects! I saw your youtube tutorial on the honeycomb stitch for the cowl and its making me itch to cast on. After I finish a few WIPS, maybe. That's the bee in me I guess. A friend of mine actually took the same course and finished (and steeked) her sweater! She loves it, but noted that the Lopi is scratchy next to the skin. But it looks like a load of fun, so I hope you enjoy it!

  7. It'll be fun to watch your Lopi sweater develop!


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