my little (crafty) corner of the world

Welcome to my little corner of the world. I can't seem to get this Yo La Tengo song out of my head lately, especially while sitting nice and comfy in my new craft room/master bedroom. Want a look around?

Dwell Studio for Target swoop armchair and comforter set

Expedit shelving units from Ikea

Vika Amon/Vika Annefors table from Ikea, orange modern stacking chairs from Target

White baskets with orange gingham liners repurposed from the little guy's nursery

Glass jars from Michael's, yarn from stash

As you can see, I totally gave my matching tendencies free reign over the space:

*Stash yarn in coordinating colors displayed in matching mason jars - check
*Matching armchair and comforter set - check, check
*Birds on branches theme on wooden screen, armchair and comforter - check, check, check
*Matching baskets and orange chairs - check, check, check & check!

The walls are still a work in progress, but overall, I am so thrilled with this space. And remember where that "playpen disguised as a knitting basket" was? Now it is my favorite knitting spot.

armchair, storage ottoman and basket from Target


  1. Your little corner of the world is beautiful. I am physically incapable of making things match so I am in awe of you clever people who can. Enjoy it!

  2. Love the way it all matches without being overdone (if that makes sense!)

    And the mason jars showing off coordinating stash look beautiful :)

  3. I like the yarn in jars! It all looks lovely.

  4. Beautiful! I'm definitely going to try the mason jars, it's such a perfectly crafty touch!

  5. Anonymous11/08/2011

    Wow, that is amazing! I think my favorite part are the jars filled with yarn. Beautiful!

  6. Love it! If I ever get a craft room again, I am so totally doing the jar thing. Right now I have one full of scrap balls, but my just have to change that out to wound skeins.

  7. Wow, what a change! I love that you used orange as your accent colour. And yarn in jars for decor... swoon!

  8. Such a transformation - I love it! It's so fresh and bright. Very pretty indeed.

  9. So cute! Enjoy your space.

  10. Beautiful!! Looks like images straight from a magazine on decorating!!


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