Mission: Organization

I was 8 & 1/2 months pregnant when we moved into our house six years ago, so unpacking was a rushed affair and never really got completed. There are still things in boxes in the Black Hole (otherwise known as our garage) from that time. Since then, the various clutter that accumulates from three pack rats seems to have taken over the house. This year, I made myself a promise to declutter and organize, starting with the master bedroom. This space has become my catchall room.

Yes, that is a play pen in the corner which is serving as a giant knitting basket. Effective but ugly. And the stack of craft magazines and books on the nightstand is my version of the leaning tower of Pisa.

I have quite a few towers scattered around.

So today the mission begins with a clearing of the clutter into these lovely plastic bins. And then the fun starts because I am turning this space into a little craft haven with the help of some early birthday presents to myself from Ikea. The hubby doesn't know yet that HIS birthday gift to me will be assembling those presents! Hopefully very soon I will be sitting pretty in my new crafting space!


  1. Good luck on the organisation front. Bet you can't wait for your new craft space!

  2. I see what I'm getting myself into when I'll be moving at the same time in my pregnancy! Problem is since the military ships our stuff it might not be there till after baby is. I'll try to learn from you :) Good luck!

  3. Yes, eliminating all those towers of Pisa (which I have, too) will feel amazing when it's done! And then the thought that your cleared space will become your craft haven ... well, that's too exciting for words. Have fun!

  4. Ooh and when you are done you can come to my house!

  5. I can't wait to see it when it's done. Your own craft space -- how cool!

  6. Good luck! Looks a lot like my house, LOL!!


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