color therapy

Oh November why do you have to be so moody and changeable? Sunny blue cold grey dark rainy all in one day....it’s enough to drive a knitter to wanting to cast on all the shiny things. Lucky for me I have a stash full of colorful yarns to chase away the seasonal blues. There’s even a few bright and cheerful wips hanging around requiring just a little attention before they are finished and ready to comfort with their cozy warmth, like these socks that were cast on a few months ago:

I am calling these my Sunbeams Socks because the combination of yarn (SpunRightRound in the shock star colorway) and the fun stitch pattern (from Japanese Stitches Unraveled) creates a fabric with tiny little sunbeams dancing all across it. Pure yarny happiness.

I also pulled out some pretty autumnal mini’s from hueloco for a faded Sockhead Hat:

And of course, the ultimate in woolly color therapy, blankets:

I hope that you are finding comfort in your knitting and crafting as the busy holiday season approaches.


  1. Your socks are so bright and happy they would cheer any gloomy day! Your hat is absolutely gorgeous too. Love the colour fade.

  2. Absolutely! Soon it will be the season of hat knitting for the littles in our family. I got the pattern approved by the moms and finally the yarn is in house, so I just need to address this week's must do's before I can cast on! Love the yarn for the socks!!

  3. All wonderful projects! Those socks just pop!!! They are fun.

  4. Your socks are so modern and fun. I love your last two projects! What a great way to use minis for a fingering weight hat. I tried making one in self-striping yarn and was bored to tears. I want to start my cozy memories blanket this year. Fingers crossed.

  5. I wish you knew the joy your pictures bring me. :)

    The Sunbeam socks would brighten any day. They are fantastic.
    Cannot wait to see the finished Fade Sockhead. It will be epic.

  6. Comfort knitting at it's best! I love your sunbeam socks, especially for this time of year!!


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