knitting the season

Hi guys! Are you falling for all the Fall knits right now? There are SO MANY sweaters that I want to start and it’s making me kinda paralyzed with indecision. So I decided to play it safe and pick a project that has been on my wishlist for a few years now: Edith, a cozy oversized wooly cardigan by Pam Allen. This is pretty much a product knit since the actual knitting is very simple. Lots of stockinette. In boring beige. Makes for good movie night knitting though (side note: I recently watched To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and thoroughly enjoyed it! The series is one of my YA faves so I was gearing myself up for disappointment. Happy to say that it exceeded all of my expectations. The actors that played Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky had the best on-screen chemistry. And I loved all the scenes with the sisters together).

Ok, back to the knitting. It’s the start of Soctober and I am looking forward to lots and lots of sock knitting. Finally finished my Mind The Gap socks which the hubby is wishing was his, poor chap. So I ordered more yarn from Trailing Clouds to knit him his very own. I also have two new socks on the needles: a plain ol’ one out of a new-to-me commercial sock yarn from Germany called Comfort Sockenwolle. Plus my first Must Stash Yarn socks in the Pumpkin Spice Latte colorway. Both are fulfilling all of my autumn knit cravings for the moment. Speaking of cravings, I recently raided Trader Joe’s of all of their seasonal Fall goodies.

What are your current Fall cravings? Watched anything good lately? Have a fun knitty week!


  1. I liked that movie too! I love the fall and everything it includes, especially food ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Shawl knitting and baby sweaters will cover me for the next few months. At least I hope I can get 3 projects done by the end of the year. LOL!

  3. Totally knitting the season, loving your colour palette! I've been really loving The Good Place on Netflix, but I'll have to go To All The Boys I've Loved Before a shot when I'm done!

  4. OMGosh, love, love the first two sock WIP's. I need to go sock yarn shopping with you. You know how to pick out the cheery, eye magnet colorways.

  5. Knit season is in full effect with me. I am trying to finish up some knit gifts and then I will be back into sock knitting with great zeal. This is my plan.

    Your knits are absolutely beautiful. I'm glad you enjoyed TATBILB. Me too, and yes, when one likes something the potential to be disappointed is high.

    My mother lives in Germany and is coming out for a visit at the end of the year, and I admit I put in a request for the comfort sockenwolle because of you, hehe.

  6. I love the idea of seasonal WIPs! You pick the best projects


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