sock school 2018

pattern {mercury socks} yarn {hue loco glitz} color {eskimo}

We are trying to get outside as much as possible in order to enjoy these last few weeks of summer. Honestly, if it was up to me, I would rather be inside with the AC on full blast and knitting away on all my sock wips. So it’s a good thing that the kid is in charge and dragging me out of my nest to enjoy/whimper in the hot, humid, changeable weather. It’s been a mix of bright blue skies and brief summer thunderstorms lately.

As far as the knitting goes, this week has been dedicated to finishing up some more wips. Trying my darndest to get all the summer socks projects off the needles before Fall Castonitis hits (yes that’s a real thing!). My first priority was finishing the Mercury Socks for Sock School 2018. Gosh, what a fun enjoyable pattern. Surprisingly so because lace knitting isn’t something that I normally gravitate towards. But the stitch pattern was extremely simple and meditative. Also loved knitting with the sparkly glitz yarn from Hue Loco. This cheerful pair will be going into my Christmas box o’sox.

Are you looking forward to Fall Castonitis as well?


  1. Love those socks! I hear you, it's been a great summer, lots of fantastic weather- really looking forward to making the most of the end of the gorgeous weather, and looking forward to a lovely fall, too!

  2. Still love that yarn!!! I am trying to avoid castonitis but I have 2 baby sweaters and 1 shawl to knit by October, so I better just come down with a case of it and get it over with. LOL!

  3. Those socks turned out great! I love how you used two different blues for the toes, heel & cuff.

    Our weather has been so humid that it's been difficult to enjoy anything outside. I am longing for Fall (and castonitis).

  4. I love fall; bring it on! We've been having cool temps this week which just seems strange. I'm glad we don't have humidity.

  5. I hope it's been a good end to summer. I feel behind on things I've wanted to knit. I just want to bang out a few things and my obligatory knits will be done for 2018. Fall or not, I am driven for these few items.

  6. Hi girlfriend! Did you see Crazy Rich Asians yet? I hope you enjoy it. I wouldn't mind seeing it again. I follow Constance Wu on IG now as well as the account for the movie.


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