And just like that it's another year coming to an end! Can't believe how quickly Christmas came and went. It was a pretty low key affair this year since my MIL decided to spend the holidays at her new house in Florida. I also took a nasty spill at work and threw out my back two days before Christmas. Luckily, all the decorating, baking, shopping and wrapping were done so all that was left was the fun stuff i.e. spending time with the family, watching holiday movies and eating a ton of yummy food. There was also some knitting and ornament making:

mistletoe socks (pattern: hermione's everyday socks)

yarn: knitmona in mistletoe colorway

pattern: mitten garland advent calendar

stitchable mitten ornaments by katrinkles

Wishing that I had a few more days of bed rest but unfortunately it's a crazy busy time of year at work. So heading back to the grind tomorrow morning. I hope that your holiday season has been chock-full of family, love and joy! I will be back soon with an end of the year roundup.


  1. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. I hope you have an easy day today. Sorry to read about your back. LOVE your newest pair of socks and that advent calendar mitten! I have plans to work on Christmas decorations this year. I must add that to my list!

    1. And thank you so much for your recent visits. The soup you made sounds so yummy!

  3. Sorry to hear of your injury. Take good care of yourself and get back to normal soon! I just love those stripes for some reason. I guess it's the festive colors?

  4. What a festive collection! Definitely puts me in New Year mood, though just like you I have to work all holiday season! :)

  5. Oh, your poor back! I hope you are feeling better soon. Love those socks, and that mitten!!

  6. Back pain is the worst. I'm so sorry. Your Christmas socks are magical. I love them.

  7. I hope your back has completely healed now! Your socks and that mitten ornament are fantastic!!


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